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Takeover at Whisper Base

Sunday, 8am to 2pm Open Gaming (maybe an room fro
Room Map
GM: Zachary Paul
Type: RPG
System: Star Wars, Age of Rebellion (Fantasy Flight Games)
Players: 5
Power Level: Introductory
Variations: Beginner Game Boxed Set
Genre: Space Opera / Cinematic / Story Dice

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... TAKEOVER AT WHISPER BASE War rages across the galaxy. Both the brutal Galactic Empire and the desperate Rebel Alliance reel in the face of terrible losses. Though Rebel forces managed to destroy the superweapon called the DEATH STAR, their victory did not come in time to save the world of ALDERAAN. Fear and uncertainty swell in the galactic community. Now, one small battle begins on the verdant world of ONDERON. Deep in the jungle, Rebel intelligence has discovered a listening post built by MOFF DARDANO to spy on his rival, ADMIRAL CORLEN. The Rebel Alliance has sent a crack team of infiltrators to take the secret listening post and turn it into a forward Rebel base in the Japrael system. After hours of slogging through the dense jungle, with its poisonous foliage and oppressive heat, the heroes have reached their destination: Whisper Base.
Website: www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-age-of-rebellion-beginner-game/products/star-wars-age-of-rebellion-beginner-game/

Lancer Demo

Sunday 10AM Open Gaming
Room Map
GM: Basheer Ghouse
Type: RPG
System: Lancer
Players: 3-5
Power Level: License Level 0
Variations: Characters provided.
Genre: Science Fiction, Mecha

Lancer is a relatively new RPG about piloting giant robots into battle in the far-flung, hopeful future of the year five thousand. This will be an introductory game with provided characters, though you can bring your own License Level 0 characters if you want. It should take two to three hours to complete. Lancer and associated products are available at the link.
Website: /massif-press.itch.io/

Mexico, & the Vampire Empire

saturday 9:00 Salon 1
Room Map
GM: Ted Rich
Type: RPG
System: Rifts/Palladium
Players: 6
Power Level: 14th-25th
Variations: North America
Genre: Homebrew

Multi-class homebrew type campaign, is going up against the Vampire Empire-Reid's Rangers are involved, if you want, bring your own character. All Classes & races are either provided, but most of the party is True Atlantean. Mixed Martial arts are encouraged! Good Necromancy is also allowed. If I know the Rifter(s), I will allow that also. Be prepared to take on several Vampire Intelligences!!

Firewall Ops-No Jovian Military Entry Required

7pm Open Gaming
Room Map
GM: Anthony O'con
Type: RPG
System: Eclipse Phase
Players: 3
Power Level: Standard sleeving
Variations: Firewall
Genre: Spying, Revolt, Heist, Politics

Last Time: Firewall rescued an exposed Jovian Mercenary Ops Major Angela Delaware, hiding as a Clanker custodian and stole an experimental Tachyon drive Colonyship from provisional allies the Titanian Commonwealth (and specifically the Firewall analog the Science Police!). Exit from the Drive entry near Extropian Space, the Colonyship was on a crash course past the Gorgon Missile Banks and the closest Jovian Science Base, Amalthea. The Colonyship (technically a Destroyer) is baking in radiation and heat pealing it's walls, to say nothing of the Gorgon strikes. Firewall Agents have been sent new orders--Amalthea. Collect the data structure of the 'Curio' from Jovian Military. Provide any assistance to the Jovian Anarcho-Terrorists and Rebels. Survive the release of their own Colonyship drop. You know, the usual.