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More or Less

Dirk Johnson

Development Level: Late Beta Test
Style: Casual
Type: Board
Length: .5
Players: 2-6

More or Less is an enjoyable strategy game for 2 or more players. Race to rid your hand of dice while strategically connecting to the grid of dice on the board. Never the same game twice, the strategy scales from simple to sophisticated, and a lucky roll can level the playing field. It's so much fun and takes so little time; you'll be addicted after your first game. More or Less: learn in minutes, play for a lifetime.

More or less is played on a board with an 11x11 grid. Each player has a pool of 10 dice. Each turn they draw a few dice into their hand, roll them, and place them on the board adjacent to other dice following a simple rule: all adjacent dice must be 1 more or 1 less than the die that is placed. Score higher by placing all your dice adjacent to as many dice as possible. Everyone plays until a player places their last die, whereupon everyone else takes one more turn and then tallies their scores. The board has bonus squares, and each player has one special die with 2 'wild' pips, allowing them to place adjacent to any dice.