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DunDraCon War College

Monterey Room

Dana Lombardy’s War College returns! Dana’s 50-plus year career as a historian, author, editor, and game designer enables him to bring some new seminars on current world affairs to DunDraCon in 2024. Here is the schedule of speakers and topics.

War College Schedule


11:00 AM Getting Your Game Published Dana Lombardy & Seth Crofton
2:00 PM   D-Day 80th Anniversary Dana Lombardy


10:00 AM Update on the Continuing War in Ukraine Professor James Armstead and Doctor Michael Baker
2:00 PM   Who Will Own the Moon? Panel Discussion


Seminar Information

Getting Your Game Published

Saturday 11:00 AM in the Monterey Room for 1.5 hours
Presenter(s): Dana Lombardy & Seth Crofton
Submit your game to a publisher or self-publish? Dana Lombardy has the latest feedback on whether to self-publish using crowdfunding or how to approach a publisher for your creation. New speaker this year: Seth Crofton will talk about digital games from his extensive experience.


D-Day 80th Anniversary

Saturday 2:00 PM in the Monterey Room for 2 hours
Presenter(s): Dana Lombardy
June 2024 will see the 80th anniversary of the huge Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe along the Normandy coast of France. Dana worked with acclaimed artist Keith Rocco to publish a comic and hardcover book based upon the two huge wall murals Rocco created for the First Division Museum. Hear the backstory of the murals and the books, PLUS help playtest Dana’s new solitaire and 2-player board game Bloody Omaha: The Big Red One at D-Day.


Update on the Continuing War in Ukraine and Recent Conflicts

Sunday 10:00 AM in the Monterey Room for 2 hours
Presenter(s): Professor James Armstead and Doctor Michael Baker
Retired Naval War College Professor J. Holmes Armstead, Jr., retired Rear Admiral and doctor Michael Baker, and moderator Dana Lombardy examine the current situation in the War in Ukraine and other recent conflicts and their implications for the U.S.A., NATO and other American allies.


Who Will Own the Moon? Plus a Survey of Potential Future Conflicts (in Africa, the Indian Ocean, etc.)

Sunday 2:00 PM in the Monterey Room for 2.5 hours
Presenter(s): Panel Discussion
Professor Larry Martinez, Professor Surinder Rana, Professor James Armstead, Doctor Michael Baker, Professor Louise Comfort, and author Nathalie LeClercq form a distinguished group of professional teachers and policy experts who will explore contemporary issues about the U.S. Space Force plus recent developments in India, Africa, and other regions moderated by Morris Lum. What does the future hold for the United States and its allies?



Dana Lombardy

Dana Lombardy began his graphic and game design career in 1972 when he started Simulations Design Corporation (SDC) in San Diego while he was still in college. He has worked on board games, card games, role playing supplements, magazines, books, battlefield guides, videos, and educational exhibits. These hundreds of projects all required collaboration with other designers, historians, and artists. Dana will share his experiences, suggestions, and explain how good art can enhance User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Dana will show his most recent game under development: Bloody Omaha – The Big Red One on D-Day.


J. Holmes Armstead, Jr.

A retired professor of Strategy and International law from the U.S. Naval War College. He has taught international law, strategy and national security policy for nearly 50 years. He has lectured at the British Joint Services Staff College and at senior staff colleges in Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia and Malawi as well as the US Army War College. Jim served as a research associate at the RAND Corp and has been Chief of Staff to a Member of Congress. Working for the Department of Defense he served on negotiation teams enlarging NATO with the accession of Poland, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Albania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Jim assisted in drafting constitutional reforms in Montenegro, South Africa, Poland, the Congo, and Estonia and has served Of Counsel to the American Bar Association Office of Human Rights and served legal adviser to the US-Canadian Acid Rain Treaty negotiations.


Larry F. Martinez

Larry F. Martinez is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the California State University at Long Beach. After completing his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1984, he joined the Federal Government where he participated in developing the "rules of the road" for the first private international satellite networks and commercial launching services. From 1988-2021, he was a member of the Department of Political Science at the California State University, Long Beach, where his scholarly focus examined outer space/cyberspace law and policy. Currently, Martinez is authoring The Great Transformation: Cyber in the Space Security Domain for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on Space Security.


Surinder Rana

Dr. Surinder Rana is an Indian Army veteran where he held important command and staff positions. He is a graduate of the prestigious Defense Services Staff College (DSSC) and earned an MS in Defense Studies from Madras University in India. Dr. Rana was a founder member of Center for Contemporary Conflict at the US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, and has participated in national and international conferences and workshops related to international security, ethnic conflict, counterterrorism, and asymmetric warfare. Currently he is an active member of the international advisory board at Global Majority, a research and policy forum on conflict resolution, affiliated to Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) at Monterey, California.


Doctor Michael Baker

Doctor Michael Baker retired after 40 years as a general and trauma surgeon. He also served 30 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring with the rank of Rear Admiral. He received three Legion of Merit awards and the Marine Corps Combat Action Ribbon, which he wears with other awards below his Riverine Warfare Pin. He has experience in strategy, contingency planning, overseas deployment operations, and multinational exercises. He teaches triage, combat casualty care, and response to complex disasters and humanitarian emergencies. He teaches Advanced Trauma Life Support for the U.S. military and recently returned from his third tour teaching ATLS in Ukraine.


Louise K. Comfort

Louise K. Comfort is Professor Emerita and former Director, Center for Disaster Management, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh. She is currently a Visiting Researcher, Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, University of California, Berkeley. She is a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration and received the 2020 Fred Riggs Award for Lifetime Achievement, Section on International Comparative Administration, American Society for Public Administration. Her recent books include The Dynamics of Risk: Changing Technologies and Collective Action in Seismic Events, Princeton University Press, 2019, and Hazardous Seas: A Sociotechnical Framework for Early Tsunami Detection and Warning, Island Press, 2023, co-edited with H.P. Rahayu. She studies the dynamics of decision making in response to urgent events: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, wildfire, and COVID-19.


Seth Crofton

Seth Crofton is an independent consultant with a wealth of experience in the online, virtual, and mobile gaming worlds. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies as a digital strategist and in gamification, and helped startups like Chillar Games in India to simulation companies such as Soar Technologies and Simsoft. Crofton pioneered ways to integrate products along multiple channel lines (toys, publications, video) to increase revenue and market share. He will share knowledge gained with numerous crowdfunded campaigns for companies like 1A Games, Dicewrench Designs, Pix-Brix, and others.


Natalie LeClercq

Natalie LeClercq is an author, gifted storyteller and keen observer of the social, political and cultural life of modern African countries. She is a frequent commentator about the changing scope of African life and the role of cultural integration and exchange. She has published a series of Snow Flower children’s books under the name Fleurie LeClercq which highlight the role of culture in young people’s lives. She grew up in Cameroon, was educated in France and now lives and writes in Southern California. Her works about Africa: today and tomorrow intersect the space between culture and philosophy.


Morris Lum

Morris Lum is a past president of the Sacramento Historical Society and currently sits on the board of the Sacramento History Alliance. He is a Life Member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, Greater Sacramento Area and an Emeritus NAR Real Estate Broker.