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DunDraCon War College

Tri Valley 2

Dana Lombardy, historian, author, editor, game designer, brings his War College of fascinating seminars and presentations to DunDraCon again in 2019!

Prizes and gifts are awarded at every seminar.

War College Schedule

Saturday, February 16

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Why is World War One Still Important? Dana Lombardy
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Were They All Donkeys? Dana Lombardy
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Alternate Histories by Dana Lombardy and Ken Hite Ken Hite, and Dana Lombardy

Sunday, February 17

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Lightning Bolts and Lasers Leland Erickson
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM How to Evaluate & Review a History Book Dana Lombardy
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Wargaming Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! Leland Erickson

Seminar Information

Why is World War One Still Important?

Because we are still dealing with the bad decisions of the Versailles peace treaty
Saturday 3:00 PM in Tri Valley 2 for 1.5
Presenter(s): Dana Lombardy
2018 was the 100th anniversary of the last year of the Great War, World War One, the 'War to End Wars' as science-fiction writer H.G. Wells wrote in 1914. Obviously, it did not end wars and, in fact, was responsible for starting several more, including the War on Terrorism that plagues us today. Why? What happened that was so different, so cataclysmic to cause problems 100 years later? Dana Lombardy, former Publisher and Senior Editor for World War One Illustrated magazine will explain why World War One is still important today. FREE HAND OUTS: Dana published a guide to new WW1 books, and an outline of a major WW1 exhibit currently showing in downtown San Francisco.


Were They All Donkeys?

Allied and German Generals Seemed Out of Their Depth in WW1—or Were They?
Saturday 4:30 PM in Tri Valley 2 for 1.5
Presenter(s): Dana Lombardy
A popular misconception about World War One is that the commanders who led their nation's armies were clueless butchers who were indifferent to the sufferings of their soldiers. What's the real story? Six key personalities will be examined and compared: Haig (British); Foch and Pétain (French); Pershing (American); and Hindenburg and Ludendorff (German). Some of the information may surprise people who thought they knew WW1 history. FREE HAND OUTS: Dana published a guide to new WW1 books, and an outline of a major WW1 exhibit currently showing in downtown San Francisco.


Alternate Histories by Dana Lombardy and Ken Hite

Saturday 6:00 PM in Tri Valley 2 for 1,5
Presenter(s): Ken Hite and Dana Lombardy
The very popular War College panel discussion continues! Authors and game designers Dana Lombardy and Ken Hite examine possible alternate histories and what their impact might have been. Audience participation is encouraged. FREE HAND OUT: an updated guide to sources for alternate histories will be provided to attendees.


Lightning Bolts and Lasers

40 Years of Sci Fi Tabletop Wargaming
Sunday 1:30 PM in Tri Valley 2 for 1.5
Presenter(s): Leland Erickson
Science fiction tabletop gaming is still a relatively recent phenomenon, yet one with a rich creative history of its own. Author, game designer, and inveterate kitbasher Leland R. Erickson will take you on a journey across the war-torn worlds of the imagination, charting the course of how science fiction tabletop wargaming began with the publication of the first set of dedicated wargame rules for miniatures for that genre, to the rise of the Warhammer 40,000 phenomenon. No kids, the hobby did not begin in 1986! FREE HAND OUT: A sci-fi wargaming timeline and guide to sources will be provided to attendees.


How to Evaluate & Review a History Book

With a hand out guide and free books!
Sunday 3:00 PM in Tri Valley 2 for 1
Presenter(s): Dana Lombardy
Author, editor, and publisher Dana Lombardy presents 10 steps that can be used to help decide whether a history (on other non-fiction) book is worth buying. In addition, Dana will present 8 steps that are crucial to submitting a book review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite magazines and websites. FREE BOOKS: Dana will hand out a checklist guide and historical books at the end of this talk.


Wargaming Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

How to make sci fi war machines and terrain
Sunday 4:00 PM in Tri Valley 2 for 1.5
Presenter(s): Leland Erickson
Enjoying tabletop science fiction wargaming and keeping plastic out of the environment is easier than you might think. Leland R. Erickson of Metal Express has accumulated over 40 years of hands on experience in making things for tabletop battlefields of the imagination out of everything from recyclables to discarded objects (trash). SAMPLE MODELS & TERRAIN ON DISPLAY: Leland will present a step-by-step how-to DIY to cover your wargaming table with starships to moisture vaporators to grav tanks. FREE HAND OUT: A guide will be provided to attendees detailing the simple steps for getting started on creating your own devastating war machines and tabletop terrain for the far-flung battlefields of the galaxy.



Dana Lombardy

Dana Lombardy was an Associate Online Editor for Armchair General and now does research, writing and design through Lombardy Studios. Dana is best known for his multiple award-winning Streets of Stalingrad board wargame (three separate editions since first released in 1979), and for his nearly twenty television appearances, including multiple episodes of The History Channel's Tales of the Gun series. He has contributed as an editor, cartographer, graphic artist and designer on many books, games and magazines, was Publisher of Napoleon Journal from 1996-2000 and currently publishes World War One Illustrated.


Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hite has been a special guest at DunDraCon for many years, speaking about city building and villains and evil overlords for role-playing, what's new at Pelgrane Press, and what's currently cool in gaming. He is an award-winning writer and role-playing game designer with extensive books on the Cthulhu mythos, GURPS Infinite Worlds RPG, Night's Black Agents RPG, and The Nazi Occult among his many published works. He is a regular in Dana Lombardy's War College, exploring and considering alternate histories with Dana.


Leland R. Erickson

Leland R. Erickson is a historian educated in intelligence analyst's tradecraft at Henley-Putnam University where he served as a faculty member for over a decade, earning a full professorship teaching military history. Leland is a frequently sought guest speaker on topics ranging from the Chinese Warring States Period to the armored forces of France during the two World Wars. He is also an enthusiastic hobbyist, having built his first plastic model airplanes and tanks around the age of 8. For 40 years, Leland has been a rising personality in the wargaming community, authoring a set of WW1 wargame rules for tabletop miniatures, to creating original science fiction war machines, starships, and terrain. These latter items are created from empty deodorant containers and discarded objects to populate his wargame table and those of his clients. He is currently a member of the creative content team of Metal Express, the publisher of the classic space fighter boardgame Silent Death.