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Welcome to DunDraCon 40!

The West Coast's Premier Game Convention

Countdown to DDC40:

We’re celebrating four decades as the premier West Coast gaming convention. Come enjoy our extensive catalogue of activities — everything from RPGs, minis, board and card games, LARPs to War College, a protospiel, and more. Sparky may even have a few special things in store. See you there!

The Hotel is Full!

Once again, we've set a new record: the Marriott is full already. We believe it will be possible to snag cancellations before the convention - there always are some, especially with reservations made far in advance - but avoid the online signup interface for the moment. It will tell you the event is "closed," which is not true. We're wide open; the hotel is just out of rooms right now.

Meanwhile, you can seek space at the alternative hotels - and check out our room-sharing page.

DunDraCon 40 - a Celebration

What is DunDraCon?

Protospiel DunDraCon 40 is introducing a new feature: a Protospiel (game testing salon). Designers (and that can be any convention member, from established game designers to rookies) bring in game prototypes, but these are games in need of refinement. They might be at the very earliest stage of development, or they might be fairly polished, but what you can expect to see are games that need testing. So any convention member can come in and help play-test any game. This allows the designers to find problems, see what works well, get players’ sense of what’s fun and what isn’t, and see what sort of strategies players use based on the present state of the rules.

For more information, check out our Protospiel page!

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Have a review you'd like to share? Just let the Webmaster know!

Shay's Games - Advice for Convention GMs Shay is compiling a list of "Tips for Convention GMs". Take a look!

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