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DDC 48
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DDC 47

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Committee Contact Page

Simply click on one of the links below to start an email to the person responsible for that area of the con. For questions about areas not listed, use the General Questions link.

General Feedback

DDC Email Addresses:
General Questions (Roderick Robertson)
Convention Registration (Hal Heydt)
Publicity (Bill Keyes)
Hotel Liaison (Hilary Powers)
Dealer's Coordinator (Chad Martens)
RPG Coordinator (Mark Schynert)
LARP Coordinator (Ariel Petersen)
Miniatures Coordinator (Hector Torres)
SCA and Martial Arts Coordinator (Meg Creelman)
Seminars Coordinator (Randy Angle)
Protospiel Coordinator (Randy Angle)
Crew Coordinator (Kendra Schynert)
Anime Coordinator (Rob Miles)
Kids & Teen Rooms coordinator (Gigi Henderson)
Web Master (Roderick Robertson)
Auctioneer (Doug Jenner)

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