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DDC 48
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Gamemaster Index

Norm Albert

515 The Valley of Multifarious Deaths; John Carter of Mars Modiphius (2d20)

Alan T. Alexander

315 The House of Velasco; World of Darkness Chronicles of Darkness

Rob Allard

471 Darker than a Starless Night; L.A.R.P.S. System

Frank J. Alonso

442 Elder Sign-Unseen Forces; Elder Sign 1st
643 Eldritch Horror-Cities in Ruin; Eldritch Horror 1st

Steve Anderson

309 Edge of Darkness; Call of Cthulhu starter rules
603 The Lightless Beacon; Call of Cthulhu starter rules

Randy Angle

707 50th Anniversary Dungeon Smash; PlunderQuest™!

Andrew Aragon

245 Shards of the Jaguar; Descent: Journey into Darkness 1st
543 Xia: Legends of a Drift System; Star Wars Miniatures

Paul Banda

331 MtG DDC 47 - 2HG Wilds of Eldraine sealed; Magic the Gathering Wilds of Eldraine
631 MtG DDC 47 - Planeschase Commander!; Magic the Gathering

Peter Bauer

251 Planet of storms; Starguard 1.0
311 Relic Hunters; Traveller
653 Soviet 1941 counter attck; Spearhead

Bob Bergman

257 Form on the Admiral's Wake - Battle Royal; Form on the Admiral's Wake- Modified by GM
350 Form on the Admirals Wake - Battle Royal; Form on the Admirals Wake- Modified by GM

Andrew Bergthold

P60 Living Corpses; Living Corpses (home brew) 3rd

Dylan Blair

216 Sumer Prime: They Took Our Jobs!; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
514 Sumer Prime Surreal; Genesys

Michael Blum

612 The Grimaldi Circus; ModernAge/Expanse 1st

Daniel Bodon

P43 Cthulhu Wars; Cthulhu Wars

Jeff Boles

206 Are You Dead Yet?; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Greg Brown

108 FATE: Freeport; FATE
403 DREAD: Bleak Havest; DREAD

William Brown

341 Last Light; Last Light Deluxe

Dave Brubeck

346 Star Wars Outer Rim; Star Wars Outer Rim
542 Last Light; Last Light

David Brubeck

P83 Interdimensional Ketchup: a Battlestations Adventure; Battlestations 2nd

Helen Brubeck

P04 Harry Potter: 5 Years After Voldemort; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
512 Harry Potter: 6 Years After Voldemort; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Christopher Bruno

107 Between the Rock and a Hard Place; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
503 Madness Below; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Jason Carpenter

P15 Unholy Night on Bald Mountain; Pathfinder 1st

Stephanie Carter

P26 DRAGONLANCE Saga Part One: Dragons of Despair; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

John Castillo

382 A New Lease on Death; RPG/LARP mix

Clif Castle

P58 Test of Honour Samurai Skirmish; Test of Honour
252 Test of Honour Samurai Skirmish; Test of Honour

Jessie Chambers

532 Traveller CCG Casual Play; Traveller Customizable Card Game
633 Traveller CCG Gunslinger Event; Traveller Customizable Card Game

Les Child

310 Will We Need to be Rescued from Our Heroes?; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st
501 Where am I?...Who am I?...What am I?; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st

Derek Cochran

604 So Comes Drow after Fire, and even Dragons have their Endings; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Afshin Coleman

145 The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31; The Thing
441 Battlestar Galactica; Battlestar Galactica

Ron Correll-Feichtner

808 A Time to Slay!; Buffy the Vampire Slayer Unisystem

Doc Cross

109 Petey Penguin In Fruit Bear's Arena Of DOOOOOM!; TOON Deluxe+

Mark Cumming

502 Wake Up Call; Pathfinder 2nd

Bob Dailey


Mark Dailey

202 The Lost Vale; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd

Jeff Daitsman

306 The Lightning War - Into the Blue Dragon's Lair; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
608 D&D Intrigue - Halflings & Dragonborn; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

William Dash

WalkUp Kids Game Day; medley of games
WalkUp Kids Game Day; medley of games
WalkUp Basement of Rats; Hero Kids (by Justin Halliday) 2023 v3.1
WalkUp Kids Game Day; medley of games

Matt De Cesare

312 Big Trouble in Willowhaven; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Steven Drouin

210 Torn: The University; TORN

Sparkle Durio

323 Tails of Equestria: Melody of The Waves; My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria 1st

Mike Eckert

143 Plunder: A Pirate's Life; Plunder: A Pirate's Life
642 CLANK! Catacombs; CLANK! Catacombs

Heather Eckman

813 Unrest in Stardew Valley; Call of Cthulhu 7th

David Etheridge

P13 Sundown on LV137; Alien Free League

Alex Fabros

651 Combined Action Platoon 1968; Ambush Valley 1.0

Aaron Ferguson

506 Adventures in Icespire Peak; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set

Wayne Fisher

451 X-Wing Mario Kart; X-wing 1.0 - modified

Jonathan Fleming

814 We Who Are About To Die Salute You!; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Colin Fowler

P08 The Forgotten Citadel; Pathfinder 1st

Joe Gannon

703 Muppets Ado About Nothing; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Jill Geister

554 Cthulhu Wars - Yuggoth; Cthulhu Wars 1.0

Aaron Gettman

P23 Champions 2099: Retribution; Hero (Champions) 5th

James Gettman

806 HAND--Allied Heroes, Aiding National Defenders; Hero (Champions) 5th

Kevin Glazner

610 The Dark Dungeon; Dungeons & Dragons Original (0e)

Matt Gorman

P20 Subterrainian Dreamstick; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd

Danielle Goudeau

WalkUp Teen Freeform Double Feature! Sign: A Game About Being Understood; Sign
WalkUp Teen Freeform Double Feature! Strange Gravity; Strange Gravity

Theron Goudeau

771 The Fall of Sparklight Castle; The Quiet Year/GM Fiat

Scott Grimberg

223 Down Comes a Blackbird; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

David Guon

805 Liberty Port: Revonis; Traveller MegaTraveller

Greg Guth

P59 Mortain Counterattack, Aug 1944: The Bridge at Abbaye Blanche; Fireball Forward, WWII 15mm 3rd
255 Mortain Counterattack, Aug 1944: The Attack at St. Barthelemy ; Fireball Forward, WWII 15mm 3rd
355 Mortain Counterattack, Aug 1944: Tables Turned at La Rossaye; Fireball Forward, WWII 15mm 3rd

Brian K Gutt

155 Protect the Caravan!; Lion Rampant
352 Protect the Caravan!; Lion Rampant 2nd Edition

Thom Hall

P01 The Sample Dungeon; Original Dungeons & Dragons Holmes Basic (1977)

Nathan Hanner

510 Stuff as Dreams are Made On; GURPS 4th

Alicia Hansen

618 Why Does That Prop Have Tentacles?; Call of Cthulhu 7th

Scott Hansen

115 Pyramid Scheme; Call of Cthulhu 7th
411 Space Between Time; Call of Cthulhu 7th
708 The Thirteenth Bak'tun; Call of Cthulhu 7th

Jesse Harder

803 Shark Tank; City of Mist

Chris Harget

710 Too Many Wizards!; Ars Magica Lightweight version

Melinda Harvey

P45 Villainous; Villainous
144 Villainous; Villainous

Jeff A. Hatch

104 Cyber-Action Heroes 'The Gamma Gambit'; Pulp Adventure 2nd
405 Dr. Cthulhu vs Frankenstein's Army; Pulp Adventure 2nd

Matthew Hazan

344 Lords of Waterdeep; Lords of Waterdeep
520 Battle of the Bog; Pathfinder 1st

Kyle Hildebrand

516 Krenko's Way; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Kourtney Hobart

WalkUp Tokyo Slayers Club- Episode 3: Every Oni has its Day; Homebrew

John Holmes

302 Cattle Raid; Runequest Glorantha

Keith Holmes

260 Battle for Earth: 2207; Star Blazers 2nd Edition

Sam Horton

551 Get Ready for Team Banzai; Battletech Battletech Compendium

Bill Howard

571 Buck Rogers and the Mines of Draconia; GM Fiat

Morgan Hua

P14 A Place for Wellness; Cthulhu Dark
816 A Place for Wellness; Cthulhu Dark

Ryan Hulse

P16 The Lost Vault of Hephaestus; Exalted 1st

Kyle Hunt

409 Freebaker Picnic; Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Mike Hutchinson

841 Battlestar Galactica: Darkness Before Daybreak; Battlestar Galactica 1st

Kasi Jammeh

P82 Star Wars Imperial Assault; Star Wars Imperial Assault Fantasy Flight 1st

Adam Johnson

322 Deed of Marath; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
611 Bad Water; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Dan Curtis Johnson

P09 The Worst Form Of Treason Except For All The Others; Paranoia
314 Hard Rock, Dark Moon; ALIEN Free League

Jonah Johnson

P81 Welcome to Planet X; Battlestations 2nd
609 The Flesh is Weak; Star Trek: Original Series

Bob Johnston

P17 Dangers at Sea!; 7th Sea 1st

David Jones

111 The Wolves Den; Year Zero Walking Dead
217 The Luthier's Folly; Old Gods of Appalachia (Cypher System)

John Jones

221 Buried in the Bahamas; Pirate Borg
508 Hostility Engram; Vast Grimm

Nathan Kajkuri

254 Battle of Odesa; 4th with home rules

Steve Kani

607 Raid on the Clinic; Cyberpunk 2020

Teri Keith-Torres

WalkUp Magical Kitties Save the Day; FATE Accelerated
WalkUp Monster Smash; Monster Smash
WalkUp Monster Smash; Monster Smash

Michael M. Kelly

P18 Ghost Herd in the Sky; Deadlands, Revised SWADE
513 Ghost Herd in the Sky; Deadlands, Revised SWADE

Daniel Kerrick

P57 Battle of Guilford Courthouse March 15, 1781; Live Free or Die

J Hanju Kim

114 Land of New Horizons; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
407 Galadriel's Fellowship; Savage Worlds SWADE

Karen Knoblaugh

342 Consumption: Food and Choices; Consumption: Food and Choices
345 Consumption: Food and Choices; Consumption: Food and Choices

Karl-Heinz Konrad

P21 Curious Case of the Xen'Drik Sphinx; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
317 Curious Case of the Xen'Drik Sphinx; Dungeons & Dragons 5e
807 Curious Case of the Xen'Drik Sphinx; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Charlie Krauter

481 Introduction to Microscope; Microscope
681 Introduction to Microscope; Microscope

Beth Krestoff

214 Justice League by Gaslight - A SEAKOG Production; Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate

Jason Krestoff

P22 SEAKOG present: Betrayal at House on the Hill; Betrayal at House on the Hill

Jim Kundert

P55 Friends, OGREs, Countrymen!; OGRE Miniatures

Bart Larrenaga

P42 Marrakesh; Marrakesh 1st
343 Voidfall; Voidfall 1st

Anders Larson

242 Veiled Fate; Veiled Fate
443 Thunder Road: Vendetta; Thunder Road: Vendetta Maximum Chrome

Chris Larson

142 Galactus the Devourer; Marvel Zombies

Brett Lawson

809 Escape from Night City; Cyberpunk 2020 red/2020 hybri

Bill Lee

113 Desperation: Dead House & The Isabel; Desperation 1st

Jay Leone

544 Castles of Mad King Ludwig; Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collectors
646 Overtake: Race Manager; Overtake: Race Manager

Ben Lopez

705 The Popcorn Girls Jump the Shark; Pulp Adventure 2nd

Reuben Lopez

241 Heat: Pedal to the Metal; Heat: Pedal to the Metal 1st
541 Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss; Euphoria 1st

John Lynch

110 The Seance; Vaesen

Shannon J. E. MacNamara

632 Here I Stand; Here I Stand Anniversary (2nd)

Walter Manbeck

P11 Invitation Day; Hero (Champions) 6th

Jarys Maragopoulos

P72 My Jam; My Jam

Andy Marshall

521 Terror in the Gloom; The Black Hack 2nd

Chad Martens

452 Shopping Run to S-Mart; Car Wars 6th
751 Battle for Ryan's world, again; Battletech Alpha Strike

Arthur Gonzalez Martin

709 Something Wild; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set

Nick Matyas

219 The Enchanted Keg of Torag; Pathfinder 1st

Christopher John Merrill

103 Ju Ju's Game; Stargate D20 1st

Peter Michels

351 1863 - ACW 15mm -Battle of Toad Hollow and Upchuck Run (SBGC); Rank and File
652 American War of Independence-The Battle of Butternut Creek (SBGC); Rebels and Patriots 1.0

Saul Morales

401 Where Legions Fear to Tread; Cohors Cthulhu (2D20)

Zachary Morgan

614 It Wasn't What We Thought: Part 2; Serenity Cortex Classic

Matt Morrison

106 Dragon's Throat; Arduin Arduin Grimoire Trilogy

Antonio Morton

772 A Monstrous Romance & A Hellish Marriage; Yes, and... Improv

Christopher Mosier

212 Runvir's Tomb; Earthdawn 4th

Chris A Muoio

P25 Folly, Fortune & Fate; Fantasy Age 2nd

Melodie Murphy

P41 XenoShyft: Onslaught; XenoShyft: Onslaught

Travis Murphy

802 Dungeons & Doggies: The Golden Retrieval; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Onna Nelson

222 Keys to the Golden Vault: Prisoner 13; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set
410 Keys to the Golden Vault: Prisoner 13; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set

Geoffrey Nicholls

509 The Silver Sliver; Pathfinder 1st

Ix Nichols

558 Ironclads Off Corsica; Fleet of Samples
654 Ironclads Off Brittany; Fleet of Samples

Michael J. O'Hara

244 Axis & Allies Global 1942; Axis & Allies 2nd

Joe O'Neil

511 Jungle Village - Rumble in the Jungle; 13th Age

Andreas Santiago P?rez-Bergquist

810 Four Weddings and a Funeral; Exalted Blood & Fire 3.1

Rob Paul

207 The Kobolds Stole my Baby; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Zachary Paul

203 A Complicated Profession; Star Wars FFG

Charles Picard

P07 Cthulhu Dark - The Cable; Cthulhu Dark
WalkUp Quest RPG: Adventure Awaits!; Quest RPG
522 Psi*Run: One Chance to Escape; Psi*Run

Jenna Pohlman

224 The Haunting; Call of Cthulhu 7th

Kristopher Pohlman

811 Vacation Break; Scum and Villainy

Whitney Lee Preston

205 Will the real Captain Sean O'Donahue please stand up?; Mythos Trek Classic

Michael Price

263 Battle of Grassy Plains; Home brew

Lori Priebe

171 At Least There's a Serve Yourself Cash Bar; L.A.R.P.S. System

Arthur Prospero

102 Terror from the Frozen North Pt. 1: The Creature of Mount Khelegor; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Final
319 Terror from the Frozen North Pt. 2: In the Hall of the Mountain Queen; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Final
702 Terror from the Frozen North Pt. 3: The Gleam in the Eye of Ymir; Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Final

Jim Puder

P02 In the Shadow of Dr. Destroyer; Hero (Champions) 5th;some 4th

Topac Quinteros

507 Ride to Ruin: Bone Gnawers, 2nd chapter; Werewolf: The Apocalyps 3rd

David Rakonitz

201 The Marriage of Foxbat; Hero (Champions) pre-5th

Alex Ray

505 Star Trek RPG: Edge of the Abys; Star Trek Adventures

Patrick Riley

204 Space Wizards with Laser Swords; Wildcard RPG prototype Playtest
812 Elemental Warriors of Xhin; Wildcard RPG prototype Play Test

Jeff Rogers

804 Adventure Awaits in the Red Dragon Inn; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Adrian Romero

301 The Incandescent Grottoes - The Crawl Into the Place of the Thing; Original Dungeons & Dragons Old School Essentials

Liz Ruifrok

213 Music Makes the Heart Grow Fonder; Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th
504 Oooh Lah No; FATE

Chris Rutkowski

313 Megapolis Needs Heroes!; BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes Ultimate
601 The Lark & The Nightingale: A Highwayman's Tale; Honor+Intrigue
616 Star Wars: The Old Republic: A Fist Full of Dust; Honor+Intrigue

Gregory Ryker

303 We Be Goblins; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Daniel Santellan

408 The Dungeon of Countess Tylmae; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set
600 The Dungeon of Countess Tylmae; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set

Don Satow

320 What happened to the L.O.S.E.R.S; Hero 6th

Roy Scaife

P54 Battle of Cape Spartivento (WWII Naval); Dark Seas 1.0

Wally Schichnes

P12 Uncanny X-Men: Avenging the Avengers; Mutants & Masterminds 3rd

Mark Schynert

706 This Seems Familiar; Arduin Compleat Arduin, Editor's

Dennnis Seiffert

P51 Spacer Bill Ugnuck's Wacky Races Pt.7: Circus Galaxicus; Full Thurust 2nd Edition
555 Eighth Wonder of the World; Wings of Glory 2nd Edition

Joshua Sigman

271 Spectacle at the Silver Dollar Saloon; Home-brew

Joseph Michael Silveira

208 bureaucraticus maximus; Homebrew Bureaucrats

Liam Simon

615 The Gathering Begins; Mists and Mischief

Robert Simon

200 Saving Face; Shadow of the Demon Lord
644 Dark Souls; Dark Souls

Kavita Singh

617 A Winter's Tale; Vaesen

Michael Siverling

P06 Sherlock Holmes and the Spiders from Mars; Nugget
307 On Their Monstrous Secret Service; Nugget
602 Sherlock Holmes against the World Crime League; Nugget

Michael Skeen

243 Eldritch Horror: Under the Pyramids; Eldritch Horror

Sam Slaughter

253 Race to Deep Terror: Gaslands Cthulhu; Gaslands Gaslands Refueled
641 Set Course for Immortality; Conan the Barbarian

Lisa Smith Beasley

523 Moon over Graymoor; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set
815 Moon over Graymoor; Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rule Set

Chuck Staedler

P52 WWII Dogfights: Zerstorers Above Norway; Sky's the Limit!
151 WWII Dogfights: Mustangs and Shindens; Sky's the Limit!
259 WWII Dogfights: Continuation War Clash; Sky's the Limit!
354 WWII Dogfights: Mediterranean Duel; Sky's the Limit!
556 Anzio Air Battle: Luftwaffe Strikes Allied Shipping; Sky's the Limit!

Pól Stafford

209 True Sight; Palladium RPG 2nd
412 Trouble in the Ziggurat - Sacramento; Cypher System Stealing Stories from the
613 Down in the Holler...; Old Gods of Appalachia

Matt Steele

105 BEST LEAVE THEM GHOSTS ALONE; Old Gods of Appalachia (Cypher System)
704 BEST LEAVE THEM GHOSTS ALONE; Old Gods of Appalachia (Cypher System)

Nick Stern

261 Battle on Snowshoes, 1757; Fistful of Lead
559 Attack on the South China Seas Pirate Stronghold; Fistful of Lead

John Sullins

262 Why Johnny Can't Speed; Car Wars 6

John Sulllins

P56 The Night before D-Day; 02 Hundred Hours

Glenn S. Thain

605 May be a Price to Pay; Changling 20th

Nick Uhlig

606 Hunter/Killer; Call of Cthulhu Pulp Cthulhu

Tom Vallejos

101 William Wallace versus the Klingons!; GURPS 4th
304 William Wallace versus the Klingons!; GURPS 4th

Kevin Van

152 The Secret War - MACV-SOG; Chain of Command
356 Paint in Black; Chain of Command

Mark Vaughan

256 The Mandalorian: Free Navarro!; Star Wars Miniature Battles West End Games

Sam Wallis

211 Dreams of the Conquistadors; Savage Worlds Horror

Andrew Walters

112 Heist In The Elven Vault; The Fantasy Trip Legacy
353 The Clumsy Alchemist; The Fantasy Trip Legacy

Charles Victor Walters

P10 Me and My Shadow Mark IV; Paranoia 2014 Ultraviolet

Alisha Walton

572 It's a Me, Murder; GM Fiat

Douglas Edwin Weed

531 Sheriff of Nottingham; Sheriff of Nottingham 1st
731 Donner Dinner Party; Donner Dinner Party

Robert Weidman

402 Infernal Death; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Emily Wells

215 Red Packet Rumble; Feng Shui 2nd

Mark Wells

801 The Mansion of Mad Matthias; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Jay White

258 Borodino - The Raevsky Redoubt; General d'Armee 1.0

Randy White

218 Sky High Tower; Mutant Crawl Classics
517 Lightning Keep; Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Marc Willner

518 Daisies in the Snow; Fng Shui 2nd

Jon Wilson

P19 DCC RPG DEMO -- Come learn the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG; Dungeon Crawl Classics There is only one!
404 IT CONSUMES!; Dungeon Crawl Classics There is only one!

Jason Windham

552 Whoever controls the water, controls the Planet; Battletech Total Warfare

Bo Wolf

701 Death on Rails - a Deathmatch Island game; Deathmatch Island Preview

Gregory Wong

553 Battle of Hoth ; Memoir '44 variant

Scott Woodard

P03 The Locked Door; Savage Worlds

Athena Woodbury

WalkUp The Dragon's Reception - A Wings of Fire LARP; Homebrew

Erik Woodbury

P71 Reservations at Club 33; Home-brew
172 Reservations at Club 33; Home-brew
173 Reservations at Club 33; Home-brew

Daniel Woolery

321 The Keep on the Borderlands; Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Jonathan Wright

220 Mecha Vs Kaiju 202X; The 5th Engine

Jeff Yin

P44 Nemesis; Nemesis
141 Lords of Hellas; Lords of Hellas
318 Pilgrim's Progress; Fading Suns

Kevin Yin

645 The Napoleonic Wars; The Napoleonic Wars

Alex Zisch

P05 50th Anniversary of D&D; Original Dungeons & Dragons
308 The Shaft; Paranoia 1st