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571 Buck Rogers and the Mines of Draconia

Sunday 11 AM in Grand Ballroom BC for 6 Hours
GM Troupe: 2 Geeks, 1 Game
Type: LARP
System: GM Fiat
Players: 18
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Space Opera
Costume Suggestions: Space Opera costuming suggested but not required

It’s been 30 years since Colonel Buck Rogers disappeared while flying a reconnaissance mission near the old Draconian system. Shortly after he went missing, a galactic cloud event destroyed worlds and sent the remaining planets into an apocalypse. Technology is now little more advanced than Earth in the 1920s except for a few ships that had been on deep space missions. But now, Queen Ardala might have the technology to repair the old machines, restore atmospheres, and save the galaxy.