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771 The Fall of Sparklight Castle

Sunday 6 PM in Grand Ballroom BC for 6 Hours
GM Troupe: Shiny Thing Games
Type: LARP
System: The Quiet Year/GM Fiat
Players: 15
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Fantasy, Fable
Costume Suggestions: Medieval, Fantasy

Once, Princess Molly ruled the Queendom of Sparklight Castle. The mystic Sparklight atop the tallest tower shone out into the Whispermists, and the Princess would lead her brave Companions out to discover new lands revealed by its magic. But now, the Princess is gone, the Sparklight has guttered and gone out, and the Whispermists have advanced, swallowing most of the lands and leaving Sparklight Castle a lonely island amidst the creeping chaos. Despair has almost consumed the remaining Companions, but now Sir Charles, the Flyby Knight, says the Princess has appeared to him, and the Sparklight has sputtered back to life. How will the Companions respond? Is this its last glimmer before the fall of Sparklight Castle?