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652 American War of Independence-The Battle of Butternut Creek (SBGC)

Sunday 1PM on Hall of Cities, Table 16 for 4 Hours
GM: Peter Michels
Type: Historical Miniatures
System: Rebels and Patriots
Edition: 1.0
Players: 8
Provided: All Miniatures provided by GM
Power Level: Beginners Welcome
Variations: Multi-player modifications (for faster turn resolution)
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

Late in the war, a British force was threatening to advance from Canada, and was slowly raiding south. The French had arrived and were under orders to support the colonists. The French dispatched a force to help the Colonists counter the British advance. Can the British continue to push south, or can the Colonists and French intercede to stop them? Players command Colonial State Regulars, French or Militia, or British Loyalists or Regulars.