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263 Battle of Grassy Plains

Saturday 10AM on Hall of Cities, Table 11 for 6 Hours
GM: Michael Price
Type: Sci-Fi Miniatures
System: Home brew
Players: 6
Provided: All Miniatures provided by GM
Power Level: Beginners Welcome
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

On the Grassy Plains on Naboo The Gungan Grand Army under the command of General's Tobler Ceel and Jar Jar Binks along with Captain Tarpals are prepared to fight the Droid Army of the Trade Federation. Can you as the Gungans stave off certain defeat at the hands of the Droid Army,and save your people and the Naboo from the EVIL Trade Federation. Or as the forces of the Droid Army of the Trade Federation can you destroy this impudent force of Gungans,and bring Naboo under the control of the Trade Federation. The choice is your's. Take part in one of the Biggest Battles in Star Wars history. This game will feature over 300 Gungan miniatures including Jar Jar Binks and Captain Tarpals,along with Shieldbearers,Soldiers and Kaadu. And we also have well over 400 plus Battle Droid miniatures to take on Jar Jar Binks and his 300 Gungans. There may be some surprises as well so come and take part in this Star Wars Game.