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520 Battle of the Bog

Sunday 10 AM in 144 for 8 Hours
GM: Matthew Hazan
Type: RPG
System: Pathfinder
Edition: 1st
Players: 5
Provided: Characters may be provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

The village of Darkwater has always had to deal with the periodic goblin raids from Bleakmire swamp, but being the only village near the safest trade road through the marshy expanse has made it worth the trouble, until recently. The goblin attacks have been increasing, without regard to the numbers slain. The town elders have opened up the villages coffers to offer you and any other brave adventurers 2,000 gold pieces each to journey into the swamp and find out what is riling up the goblins and put a stop to it. This will be a 1st Edition Pathfinder game for 5th level adventurers. I will have characters ready or you may bring your own. If you choose to build your own, everything (class, feats, equipment, etc...) must come from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook only. Starting wealth is 10,500gp and abilities should be purchased with the point buy system outlined in the book for High Fantasy.