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P12 Uncanny X-Men: Avenging the Avengers

Only available via On-line Pre-registration
Friday Noon in 145 for 8 Hours
GM: Wally Schichnes
Type: RPG
System: Mutants & Masterminds
Edition: 3rd
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: PL10, 165 CP
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

As the Genoshan civil war rages it seems clear that Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants are gaining the upper hand. In an attempt to prevent another country being run by a supervillain, SHIELD has sent in the Avengers to try to stop Magneto, but they were soundly defeated. Play as your favorite X-Man as you try to infiltrate Genosha, rescue the Avengers and stop Magneto before it's too late.