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501 Where am I?...Who am I?...What am I?

Sunday 8 AM in 231 for 10 Hours
GM: Les Child
Type: RPG
System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Edition: 1st
Players: 6
Provided: Characters created for game
Power Level: Beginner
Variations: house rules
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes

From darkness you come, gradually drifting towards light and conscious thought. Clues as to your very nature come as drizzles of thought, choices and demands. The Creators, amorphous faces that intrude upon your evolving mind, asking, telling, shaping. And then, chaos. Unready yet to leave the safety of this womb, you are thrust into a strange world, birthed with fire and entropy. You are a few together, strangers in a new and frightening world. More information floods your mind, raw knowledge taking the place of instinct and experience. And then, a voice, speaking to you. Words you have been made to understand, but have never heard before. This is life, make of it what you can.