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106 Dragon's Throat

Friday 6 PM in 232 for 8 Hours
GM: Matt Morrison
Type: RPG
System: Arduin
Edition: Arduin Grimoire Trilogy
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Variations: Supp.w/OD&D & AD&D 1st
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

Adventurers hired by a mysterious patron are to retrieve a powerful artifact from the mysterious cavern known as The Dragon's Throat. But beware, for this is no ordinary dungeon crawl. The Dragon's Throat in Dead Watch Mountain is a known dragon abode. It is also a forbidden door that has brought certain death to anyone who tried to open it. What secrets lie beyond and what dangers await you in the dark? Who is the real enemy in this twisted tale and what is their true agenda? Your choices will affect the fate of Arduin as well as your own. The Dragon's Throat is not what it seems. Arduin is a setting and role-playing system created by David A. Hargrave. The Arduin Grimoire was self-published by Hargrave in 1977. Hargrave also authored two follow-up books in 1978, Welcome to Skull Tower and The Runes Of Doom. The three books became known as The Arduin Trilogy.
Website: /direbane.blogspot.com/