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216 Sumer Prime: They Took Our Jobs!

Saturday 10 AM in 234 for 8 Hours
GM: Dylan Blair
Type: RPG
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Edition: 5e
Players: 5
Provided: Characters may be provided by GM
Power Level: 16th
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

You are a retired adventurer drawn into a political nightmare of violent protests and potential rebellion. Undead automation, fey labor exploitation, and the emergence of mega-farms have allowed unprecedented access to affordable food for the nation of Urylon. Alas, the wheels of progress continue to roll forward, and those who can't or won't adapt find themselves crushed underneath. The first two-thirds of this adventure is world-building using many of the rules for downtime activities. The final third is all 16th level combat based on earlier decisions. You may use one of my pre-generated characters or bring your own: 27 point buy + 2 uncommon magic items + 5K gp for non-magical equipment.
Website: sumerprime.com/sp6.html