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606 Hunter/Killer

Sunday 2 PM in 236 for 6 Hours
GM: Nick Uhlig
Type: RPG
System: Call of Cthulhu
Edition: Pulp Cthulhu
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: Pulp Ctulhu starter char., but heavily armed
Variations: High Pulp
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes

There exists a strange pocket of reality where all the horror movie monsters are real and live next to each other. Fortunately, rich megacorps from the far future have figured out how to send you and your fellow contestants there on safari for broadcast entertainment. Fight Freddy Kruger, duel Dracula, joust Jason, the possibilities are endless! And, your team is counting you to go out there and earn those views and sponsorships. Will you emerge the triumphant hunter or become prey for the many killers awaiting your arrival? What's the deal with all these movie theaters, comic shops, and video rental stores? Only one way to find out: come test your wits, resolve, aim, and knowledge of horror movie lore against the most terrifying rogues' gallery ever assembled.