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613 Down in the Holler...

Sunday 4 PM in 237 for 8 Hours
GM: Pól Stafford
Type: RPG
System: Old Gods of Appalachia
Players: 5
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: Starter
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

Family, you know things have never been what you'd call normal down in the holler, but starting in the winter of this year, things have started to go wrong. People out berrying the brambles in the cricks and hollers have gone missing - and been found by strangers wandering in the hills. Calves are being born dead or.. wrong. Sheep are being stillborn. There's an air of dread in the village and the headman, Arthur Thoms has joined forces with Preacher Eskit to call out some alarming dangers. You, though, family, you can feel in your bones and in the dancing of the fetches on your porches that something truly wrong has begun, and whether the villagers know it or not, is you who'll fix it or die trying.
Website: /www.oldgodsofappalachia.com/