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409 Freebaker Picnic

Saturday 6 PM in 238 for 6 Hours
GM: Kyle Hunt
Type: RPG
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Edition: 3.5
Players: 6
Provided: Players provide their own characters
Power Level: 8th
Variations: 28 pt. buy, 27k gold, average hit points (max at 1st), no optional rules except traits & flaws (2 each)
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

The Freebakers (a guild of spellcasting chefs) have gone on a retreat to a remote mountain demiplane, where the're throwing a great festival of baking and cookery, replete with events and contests and merry-making! Overlooking the picnic is the glacial palace of the Mad Chocolatier Guichon. His pantries descend deep into the mountain, including troves of chocolate that never melts and vaults of unparalleled wondrous confectionery. Guichon has issued a challenge to his rival, Brother Jacques of the Monks of Temper. Jacques, in turn, has picked some of the brightest (and most expendable) up-and-coming Freebakers to take up the challenge in his stead. He asks only that you retrieve the vial of powdered MacGuffin root that Guichon keeps in his deepest cellars, and he will not ask you to go unprepared! You will be armed with a prized magical artifact from his kitchen. Create PCs using printed first-party content. Characters with ties to cooking/baking/brewing/etc. will be at an advantage.