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P21 Curious Case of the Xen'Drik Sphinx

Only available via On-line Pre-registration
Friday 2 PM in 239 for 8 Hours
GM: Karl-Heinz Konrad
Type: RPG
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Edition: 5e
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: 1st Tier
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

The wind ruffles your hair atop the Pegasus Tower, amongst the tallest in the Dura district. The memorial for your friend, Commander Harland Greymantle, has war companions, friends and exploration colleagues in attendance. Is the foul murderer of you dear friend here? Can you bring others together to discover those responsible? Rumors surround his return from the deep jungles, including finding an enigmatic artifact, a mithril sphinx! The Xen'Drix sphinx' location is now unknown. Explore Sharn and the Pegasus tower. Find the dreadful culprits to the murder. Uncover the mystery of the Xen'Drik sphinx!