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221 Buried in the Bahamas

Saturday 10 AM in 240 for 4 Hours
GM: John Jones
Type: RPG
System: Pirate Borg
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes

An undead plague known as THE SCOURGE has washed over the Dark Caribbean. You and your pirate crew will choose a heading, uncover lost treasures, and live (and die) like pirate kings and queens! Join a sandbox style exploration of the Dark Caribbean, an undead-infested version of Earth where magic is real and piracy runs rampant. Navigate though tropical archipelagos, explore hidden temples, find buried treasure, fight undead & deep sea horrors, and misbehave like the true scallywags that you are! PIRATE BORG is a rules light, grimdark, scurvy ridden d20 RPG.