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WalkUp Tokyo Slayers Club- Episode 3: Every Oni has its Day

Friday 2 PM in 242 for 8 Hours
GM: Kourtney Hobart
Type: RPG
System: Homebrew
Players: 8
Provided: Characters created for game
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

It is the week of the annual fundraising festival, an opportunity for the clubs to sell items for their class activities next year. The fair is open to anyone and the more money raised, the better the club's social standing. An after-school council meeting has been called to discuss what booths everyone will be running. You know your booth will be the best booth at the festival. You just aren't sure what you will be selling yet. Oh! No time for that. Here comes the class president. He tells you he needs a favor. The school basement needs to be cleaned out before the festival can be held and you are the chosen ones. It seems a little strange the basement needs to be cleaned out before the festival. What is the urgency? Well, it was a request from the class president, so who are we to question it? I'm sure everything will be fine.

THIS IS A TEEN PRIORITY GAME--teens who want to play in this game go to the room, whee they will be given priority by the GM over all other players.