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P15 Unholy Night on Bald Mountain

Only available via On-line Pre-registration
Friday Noon in Ponderosa for 10 Hours
GM: Jason Carpenter
Type: RPG
System: Pathfinder
Edition: 1st
Players: 6
Provided: Characters may be provided by GM
Power Level: 16th; 20-pt buy; 315K wealth
Variations: No summoners, gunslingers, or evil PCs
Rules Knowledge: Expected
Game Content: Mainstream

On the darkest night each year, Bald Mountain calls unholy creatures from afar. A shrine high in the mountain fights this evil, but something is wrong. The guardians have fallen prey to a curse that can??t be lifted. You are called to defend the shrine--keep the guardians safe and fight the forces that are sure to rampage. It will subside at sunrise, but if left unchecked, the damage done through the night will be catastrophic. This is a tactically oriented game that will also present plenty of opportunities for RP. Use average HP rounded up, max at first level. I will have a few playable PCs on hand; please have a PC ready to go that meets the requirements. Create PCs using official Paizo Pathfinder 1E content. I will play rules out of the book. I don't stop too long over a rules argument, however, so if we get stuck, we'll just make a decision and plow ahead.