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P43 Cthulhu Wars

Only available via On-line Pre-registration
Friday 2 PM on Sedona Table 08 for 6 Hours
GM: Daniel Bodon
Type: Board
System: Cthulhu Wars
Players: 7
Provided: All materials provided by GM
Variations: Azathoth faction, possibly other neutral factions
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Very Complex

The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth. Humanity is finished, but the struggle continues. Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth? Now, you take charge! Cthulhu Wars is a fast-moving strategy game about the end of the world. You take the part of various monstrous aliens seeking to dominate the world. You can play as Great Cthulhu himself, or you can take charge of other factions, such as the slithering hordes of the Crawling Chaos, or the insane minions of the Yellow Sign.
Website: /petersengames.com/cthulhu-wars/