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253 Race to Deep Terror: Gaslands Cthulhu

Saturday 9AM on Hall of Cities, Table 20 for 6 Hours
GM: Sam Slaughter
Type: Mixed-Genre Miniatures
System: Gaslands
Edition: Gaslands Refueled
Players: 8
Provided: All Miniatures provided by GM
Variations: Gaslands Cthulhu
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream

Supernatural evil is stirring in the wasteland. Once again the Cult of Cthulhu seeks to raise their slumbering god, as their tech-priests blend sorcery with technology to achieve their unholy ends. The cultists have discovered a great prize beneath abandoned cathedral ruins, which offers the promise of untold eldritch power. Their order would be unopposed if not for the relentless pursuit of their sworn enemy, the mechanized nomad clan known as Rovers. Players control battle vehicles of these fierce road warriors, who once again clash with the fanatical cultists in a desperate conflict of the post-apocalyptic future.

Race to Deep Terror is a 25mm cooperative vehicle-combat scenario, employing the ruleset of the dystopian racing game, Gaslands. Though a miniatures scenario, players must also investigate Lovecraftian-style mysteries in the spirit of a classic Call of Cthulhu adventure. Courage, cooperation and mother luck will be crucial from each warrior if they hold any hope of success!