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DDC 48
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DDC 47

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Hooray! Special Events!

D&D 50 Years Trivia Contest

Trivia Contest Winners:

S. Hoose
F. Chancy
D. Thompson
D. Marshall
L. McKenna
D. Bales
L. Ogle
K. Reichhold

Go to the Game Library (California Ballroom Salon 7) to claim your prize.

Trivia quiz is for fun and bragging rights only; prize winners have been selected from the pool of all entries. Questions and answers have been verified to the best of our ability.

Pin Trading DunDraCon will be hosting our first Pin Trading Event at the Santa Clara Marriott this year! This will be a trading-only event, and all commercially available and home-made pins are welcome. We will gather on Sunday afternoon, in the hotel lobby Sunday 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM and trading will commence.

Super Secret Event! And Finally… Friday afternoon is the time, DDC is the place, and intrigue is afoot! We can’t tell you everything now… but over the coming weeks, keep an eye here on the website or Facebook for TOP SECRET INFORMATION!