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Games Registration FAQ

How do I register for games?

You can register online on the DunDraCon website starting Feb. 1. Online registration lasts through the convention until the last session deadline (see below). We have kiosks available at the con if you don't have an internet-enabled device. You can also register via paper submission slips, available at the Information Table (where you will also turn them in)

There are nine sessions (P-8). Session P can only be signed up for online before the convention, as the games start early on Friday. Each session you can sign up for up to three games (in case you don't get into your first choice, you might get into your second or third choice). Each session has a deadline, after which we no longer accept submissions for that session.

What if I want to make sure I'm in a game with my partner, best friend, con friend etc.? If my con partner gets in can I also get into the game if I'm not sorted into it?

There is no way (other than priorities) to assure that you get into a game with a specific person; sorry. You can show up and ask the GM if you can play, even though you're not assigned a seat; see below.

What are Priority Slips and how do I get one?

Priority slips are basically rewards for helping the convention. They are a near-guaranteed way to get into one game of your choice.

You get a priority slip for running an official game, or working a crew shift.

Priority slips bypass the lottery aspect of Games Registration; once a priority slip is entered in the system (not just handed in), you are in the game. Unlike the lottery, however, Priority slips are first-come-first-served. If you know that you want to use a priority to get into a particular game, fill it out and submit it early.

Priority slips will get you into one game, but have space for three game choices, as it may happen that a game fills with priorities, so we give you a chance to have a second or third choice. Your game choices can be in different sessions.

If you use a priority slip to request games in multiple sessions and you are placed in your first choice, additional games will not be entered. Make sure you also submit a standard slip for your second and third choices in addition to your priority slip.

How does use of Priorities affect subsequent requests for placement in games?

It is treated as if you had gotten into a game through normal sort process. See below.

What happens if my Priority doesn't work?

As mentioned, Priorities are first-come-first-served, and games can (rarely) fill up with priorities. That is why we give you three choices. If you don't get into your First Choice priority game, come to the Info Table and ask (nicely!) to talk to Games Reg.

I got a priority slip late in the con and there are no games I want to get into. What use is it?

Good news! You can use any priority slip in any future year! Save it and use it next year. They are also transferable, so you can give it to a friend.

What is the Sorter and how does it work?

Magic. Next question.

No, really, how does it work?

Players submit requests for up to three games a session. Priority slips are entered in the system as soon as they are received. Other requests are entered over the course of the con.

All players are assigned the same "weight' at the beginning of the con. Weight 'increases' as you get into games. Weight only decreases if you don't get into your first sessions - if you put in a request for session P games and didn't get in any games, your weight 'decreases', and if you then don't get into any of your session 1 games, it decreases further. Once you get into a game, you weight is reset to be the same as anyone else that has gotten into a game.

Players are sorted by "least weight" to "most weight". All weight 1 players are sorted into games, then all weight 2, etc. So someone that has gotten into a lot of games has a lesser chance of getting into more games (but if you choose your games wisely, that might not matter). If there are more player requests in a particular weight class than there are remaining seats, players are randomly chosen.

Once the session deadline passes, we enter any remaining requests, then run the sorter, then the printer program to create various files that we post on the website or print out for the wall o' paper. Please be patient, there is always a crush of last-minute game requests that come in.

When will I know if I got into a game? Where are the results posted?

Results are posted on the website and in paper on the wall near the Info Table as soon as the results are sorted. Facebook will be informed that results are available.

What is P session games and how do I register for one?

Session P games are games that start early on Friday, even before Convention Registration is open. Session P games can only be signed up for online before the convention starts, and you must have a valid DDC ID number to register for them.

If I don't get sorted into a game, can I still get into that game, and how?

Show up at the game and ask the GM if there is room for you. Giving you a seat at the game is solely at the discretion of the GM.

Which types of games have official wait lists?

Only LARPS, and only First Choices that didn't get into another game that session. Show up early for LARPs, as there is a lot of pre-game administrative work that needs to be done. LARP GMs will give away game seats to the Wait list if a signed-up player does not show up on time!

What happens if I get into a game and then do not play in it? Does it affect my subsequent chances of getting into games?

We have no way to know if you played or not, or your excuse for not showing up or leaving early. You were placed in the game whether you showed up or not, and the system will reflect that.