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DDC 48
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DunDraCon 48 Illness Policy

Unless Federal, State, or Local regulations change, we do not require masks or vaccinations for our attendees.


Masks may be worn at the attendee's discretion. DunDraCon will not tolerate any harassment for wearing or not wearing a mask.

Common Sense

Do not come to the con if you feel ill or are exhibiting symptoms of any illness. There is some chance that flu symptoms and COVID symptoms will be very similar, but the flu is also a very contagious disease, so you still don’t belong at the con and you may end up being too miserable to enjoy it anyway.

Preregistration for Dundracon is closed
Memberships are only available at the door

At the Door Registration

Full Weekend Registration: $80.00
One-Day registration: $50.00
Upgrade One-day to Weekend:$30.00

If you have any questions, please contact our Registration Coordinator