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Miniatures Game Submission Tips


Historical games cover mostly realistic conflicts from the far past to the near future. Fantasy games cover traditional fantasy, with magic and monsters. Sci-Fi games are those in the far future or alternate realities with Technology instead of Magic, and Aliens instead of Monsters. Use Mixed-Genre games for games that don't fit the other categories (Zombies, Weird War II, SteamPunk, et. al.). Use your best guess at the type of game, and feel free to ask if you have questions about where a game would fit. The scheduler reserves the right to change the game's genre category based on the description, game system, or other considerations.


Miniatures games are normally scheduled in a salon or at one of the Hall tables. If you have special needs for room assignment, be sure to fill in the Additional Information for the Scheduler field in the form below. Set-up and take-down time is not included in the game length; we will schedule set-up and break-down times around your game, as you indicate on the form. Please arrive on time to set up your game - players will be arriving ready to play at the time the game is scheduled. Please be prompt when breaking down your game, as you may be followed by another gamemaster on the same table or in the same room.

Players and Game Length:

Games should last between 4 and 12 hours, with up to one hour of set-up time beforehand as well, if requested. Tear-down time should be figured into game length. Longer games will not be scheduled. Games should be for at least 4 players; 5 or more are preferred, as a 4-player game by itself will not qualify a GM for compensation.

GM Compensation:

A GM will receive a full membership and a priority game registration for running a minimum of 30 player-hours and 5 players. If a single game does not fulfill this requirement, the GM may schedule a second game to meet the qualification. GMs who do not meet the minimum may still have their game scheduled but receive no compensation.

Assistant GMs:

Requests for Assistant GM compensation are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Because of the disproportionate effort often required to present a miniatures game, our assessment is often more liberal than for other types of games.

Things to be aware of when making your game request

The first games start on Friday at noon. Don't ask for an earlier start time, it won't happen.

The last game ends on Monday at 4pm. Don't request a 10- or 12-hour game on Monday!

Please read our Game Policies before submitting a game. We accept submissions only via this website, or an e-mail with the necessary information attached or incorporated in the body of the e- mail. We no longer accept submissions via U.S. Mail, as we need a working e-mail address to communicate with all our prospective GMs.