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Previous Conventions

Below are links to the convention books (in PDF Format) for previous Dundracons. We currently have books from DDC 4 to current, complete. We apologize for the bad scans of some of the books. We do what we can, with what we have...

We are looking for the convention books for DDC 1-3. If you happen to have them in good condition (not stained, written in, etc.), and don't mind if the spines get a little bent to fit into a scanner, please contact Roderick at netrep@dundracon.com

I must say, it's been a kick looking through the old books, noting old friends, old games I ran, and games I ran in. Names of GMs who went on to bigger and better things; and some people I say to myself: "I wonder whatever happened to him?"

DDC 1 Book not available    DDC 11 Book    DDC 21 Book    DDC 31 Book    DDC 41 Book
DDC 2 Book not available    DDC 12 Book    DDC 22 Book    DDC 32 Book    DDC 42 Book
DDC 3 Book     DDC 13 Book    DDC 23 Book    DDC 33 Book
DDC 4 Book    DDC 14 Book    DDC 24 Book    DDC 34 Book
DDC 5 Book    DDC 15 Book    DDC 25 Book    DDC 35 Book
DDC 6 Book    DDC 16 Book    DDC 26 Book    DDC 36 Book
DunDraClone Book    DDC 17 Book    DDC 27 Book    DDC 37 Book
DDC 7 Book    DDC 18 Book    DDC 28 Book    DDC 38 Book
DDC 8 Book    DDC 19 Book    DDC 29 Book    DDC 39 Book
DDC 9 Book    DDC 20 Book    DDC 30 Book    DDC 40 Book
DDC 10 Book