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DunDraCon Protospiel

California Ballroom Salon 4

Friday 9:00 AM - Monday 5:00 PM

Opening Ceremony: Saturday 9:30 AM
Prize Drawings: Saturday & Sunday 4:30 PM

The DunDraCon Protospiel

Join us again for another amazing DunDraCon Protospiel. This is the opportunity for game players to meet and game with game designers who need to get their games playtested. These are original, unpublished, board games, card games, and role-playing game designs you can't buy in a store yet. The designers are looking for your player feedback and your uncanny way of breaking their rules. This 4-day Protospiel game event will have: sponsored prizes, daily raffles, snacks, and the chance for all DunDraCon members to test out next year’s greatest games.

Game Designers

Any convention member, from veterans to rookies, can bring in their unfinished tabletop games for testing, feedback and refinement. Your games can be at the very earliest prototype stage, or polished and ready for BETA testing. We welcome all game designers and types of games. You can expect playtesters from the hundreds of eager DunDraCon convention members to provide useful feedback for your game. Test new player experience, rules comprehension, systems balance, fun factor, engagement, art direction, and all aspects of your game design. Tables are open in a first come, first serve, basis.


All DunDraCon members can participate in the exciting games and get a chance to meet the incredible designers. While playing you provide useful feedback and unique insights for consideration in the design of an unpublished game. Playtesters can just drop-in, meet a designer, and play any game that has space at any time. Your participation will not only gain you the gratitude of the game designers for your favorite genres, but also tickets to win prizes donated by the DunDraCon Protospiel sponsors. No sign-ups, no need for game registration, and likely no waiting as new sessions are starting all the time. If a game has a rule you really don't like or didn't understand, for once you can say so, and help influence better games! Of course, because you are playing a game with its designer, you will probably learn more and faster while helping them out.

Protospiel Community

Besides prizes, snacks and fun games you will also be part of this amazing collection of great players and designers supporting tabletop game development.

Remember, all designers are also expected to spend time testing other designer's games. This is a way of paying back and paying forward for the help you will be getting back. If you can't find an empty spot to run your game, ask the friendly Protospiel staff to help you locate a table. Be kind to other designers and don't hog tables for extended sessions.

For regular updates, check out the Golden Gate Gamemakers group on facebook.


Dead Alive Games    Pacific Rim Publishing    Golden Gate Gamemakers    The Game Crafter    Brieger Creative    Friendly Skeleton    Gamescape SF    Panda Manufacturing    Perplext    Pull the Pin    Print & Play Admagic    Randy O Games    Solis Game Studio    Prolific Games     Left Justified Studio    Hoppsbusch   

Current Protospiel Offerings

Gabriel Taylor

Biographical Notes: Ultimate frisbee player and hobby game designer combining the two :) unpublished but planning to crowdfund in 2024!

Ultimate Frisbee Allstar
Ultimate Allstar is quick, easy-to-learn, 2-player deckbuilder based on the sport of ultimate frisbee.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552937555376

Mark Schynert

Biographical Notes: Founder of the DunDraCon Protospiel and a member of Golden Gate Game Makers. I edited and revised the Compleat Arduin RPG for posthumous publication; I've also written and published 'Epic Fail: the RPG.'

Progress & the Nation
Civilization building game, with the primary mechanic of action selection with following, scoring victory points in a variety of thematic ways.

Aaron Groves

Biographical Notes: I'm hobbyist game designer from Santa Rosa, CA. Desolate Heritage is my passion project, and I've been developing it for many years.

Desolate Heritage
Desolate Heritage is a TTRPG inspired by the historical Iron Age. It features innovative mechanics as well as a unique setting without any recycled monsters.

Adam Yee

Biographical Notes: Adam Yee works at a startup and makes games as a way to destress.

Interns in the Dark
Interns in the Dark is a satirical, modern-day table-top-role-playing game based on Blades in the Dark, where you play as interns who are assigned to a special project to steal valuable Intellectual Property (IP) from other companies.

Website: https://itsmeadamyee.itch.io/interns-in-the-dark

Banana Bread Games

Biographical Notes: I'm hobbyist game designer from Vacaville, CA. Clash has been a fun intrigue for me over the years, giving me a lot of fun evenings. After much thought I decided to take it to completion. I'm excited and nervous to show it to a larger audience.

Clash: A Galactic Sport
Clash: A Galactic Sport is a highly engaging battle of robotic gladiators in a galactic arena.

Website: www.bananabreadgames.com

Bedouin Games

Biographical Notes: Board gamer, designer, nurse, CEO of Bedouin Games, had a successful Kickstarter for the Flood Board game a few years ago, planning on launching a new game in 2024.

Rise of Babel
Assemble a deck of cards, tactically position resource tiles on the Tower of Babel.

Website: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/398994/rise-babel

3 Magi
Journey across Arabia and Jeduah! Craft gifts for the King!

Benjamin Ng

Biographical Notes: -

Too Cool for School
In this cooperative clue-giving game, players take turns either being the clue-givers or guessers.

Boosted Reality, LLC

Biographical Notes: We are Boosted Reality and we our working on our first game, Rift Zone: Contact, which blends technology with miniatures war gaming. We are life time gamers who want to make the fun of miniature war gaming more accessible and faster and more fun to play by removing the burden of memorizing complex rules.

Rift Zone: Contact
Rift Zone: Contact is a miniatures war game that uses your smart phone to simplify game play and augment your experience with immersive sound and augmented reality.

Website: https://boostedrealitygames.com/

Caner Cooperrider

Biographical Notes: I am a game designer from Sunnyvale CA. I have no published games yet but am presently pitching 4 games to publishers, including several I will be bringing to Dundracon.

Squares is an abstract, tableau-building game of numbers, colors and shapes for 1-6 players and takes 20-30 minutes to play.

Website: http://tinyurl.com/eeujdbeu

Clay Dreslogh (DRESS-lock; he/they)

Biographical Notes: Clay is the creator of Baseball Mogul and Football Mogul, two award-winning computer game franchises. In 2023, he launched Season Ticket Baseball, which currently has an average rating of 9.1 on BGG.

Season Ticket Football
Season Ticket Football is a fast-paced American football simulation from the makers of Season Ticket Baseball. Teams and seasons from 1970 through 2022 will be available for testing at the DunDraCon Protospiel.

Website: www.seasonticketball.com

Collin Roholt

Biographical Notes: I'm a hobby game designer who has designed several games of varying types, but this is the first game I'm bringing one to Protospiel. I live in Santa Clara, CA.

Art Gone Wrong
Art Gone Wrong is a game of strategy, social deduction, and luck in the world of art collection. Players create 'paintings' based on peculiar titles. The art is sold at auction. The most prosperous art dealer wins.

Crazy Cockatoo Games

Biographical Notes: Working to publish our first set of games set in interesting settings. All of our games are for the entire family.

Urban Rising TTRPG
Urban Rising is a tech noir setting that builds on the hope of rising above your circumstances. It is the first setting to use our new FxRPG core game mechanics. Players are civilians who live in The City, plagued by injustice and inequality.

Circuit is one of our first games set in our Urban Rising tech noir setting. The goal of a round of Circuit is to take control of the Circuit Board In play. You control a Circuit Board by completing the most circuits on the board with your cubes.

Enginuity Games

Biographical Notes: I'm an independent game designer with over a dozen published games including two Mensa Award winners and two Mages Magazine 'Games 100' winners. (Doubles Wild: Mensa, Bid It: Games 100, 3 Stones: both)

Gods of Weather
You are a God of Weather. Unfortunately, so is everyone else. You throw weather (Lightening, Thunder, Rain, Wind, Snow, Clouds, Fog, Hail, and Sunshine (yeah, Sunshine)) at the other Gods to win their weather cards.

Floyd McWilliams

Biographical Notes: Floyd is an amateur game designer; by day he is a software engineer at Google.

A medium-weight Civ game that uses flipcharts to track progress.

Headcrafted Games

Biographical Notes: Glenn Cotter has a life-long passion for games and movies, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. He began his career as an artist on videogames, then transitioned to work in the film industry. By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working on feature films, while designing board games at night.

Towers of Babble
Towers of Babble is a cooperative game of tangential word association.

Website: http://www.headcraftedgames.com/towers-of-babble.html

You are kids running up the wrong way on a down escalator. In your imagination, the bottom steps are falling off into certain doom! You'll need to maneuver around obstacles and other people. Run, shove, jump your way to stay on the longest.

Website: http://www.headcraftedgames.com/escalation.html

Build an alliance of mischievous fairy families using trickery and sabotage.

Website: http://www.headcraftedgames.com/mischief.html

In Headliner you are a music agent, negotiating with others to craft the most epic concert of the year!

Website: http://www.headcraftedgames.com/headliner.html

Four Dimensions
Four Dimensions is a tricky set-taking game.

Website: http://www.headcraftedgames.com/four-dimensions.html

Planet Profiteers
You are a member of the deep space exploration cabal, in it for making an easy fortune. It's game of deduction, collusion, and bluffing. Less about trying to win every hand, more about knowing who is going to win and making the most of it.

Website: http://www.headcraftedgames.com/planet-profiteers.html

Ian Hill

Biographical Notes: I've been designing a number of games since Lockdown and hope to really get things off the ground in 2024 by bringing them to people to try out and give honest feedback, hopefully making them even better.

River Snakes
You along with others of the boat's enigmatic crew must navigate upriver through perils unknown in desert, jungle, and mountain to locate a cryptic treasure at the mighty river's headwaters.

Jay Leone

Biographical Notes: First time official designer. Studied and researched this game for a few years. Excited to share my passion!

Overtake: Race Manager
Race managers compete on AND off the track to win motorsport races. Multiple strategy euro-game. Action/Event Auction/Bidding Dice Rolling Different Dice Movement Income Multi-Use Cards.

Website: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/402244/overtake-race-manager

Jonathan Pang

Biographical Notes: I am finally bringing my childhood dreams to reality and hope to publish my very first boardgame! Hailing from the little country Singapore, I am just in awe of the amazing community here and super thrilled to just and play with everyone! :)

Play as one of four unique races within the fallen world of Eden. Be fruitful and multiply to be the dominant race before the end of the world. Eden is a strategy area control game for casual gamers who want a taste of wargames and fun interactions!

Website: http://tinyurl.com/49hh6jny

Klein Games

Biographical Notes: We are a family business and we love game nights. A while back my father and I created a little board game that we refined over the years and actually brought it to DundraCon Protospiel two years ago. We have refined it and now want to show it again!

Crusades: Battle for Pangea
You play as gods who try to control a very new Earth. Build your following and extend your empire within Pangea to gain all the powers of this earthly realm.

Website: http://www.kleingraphicsllc.com

Lazy Day Games

Biographical Notes: I have been working on game design my entire life however in November 2022, I started working more directly towards the goal of publishing a game. I have been working Feudal Subversion since February 2023 and this will be my first convention experience.

Feudal Subversion
FS is a strategic trick taking card game where you and your opponents battle for the Spoils of War and ultimately rulership of the Realm of Tharel. Gameplay is fun and players can affect the results of the game which maintains engagement.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/lazyday.games01

Neal Donnelly

Biographical Notes: This is my first board game I've designed. I've been playtesting it regularly since June 2023 and I'm excited to gather more feedback!

In Commons, players compete to build the best city while negotiating policies that govern everyone's behavior and incentives. Cities produce not only wealth and influence, but also pollution.

Obviously Games

Biographical Notes: A small indie team working on making games that are weird but have heart.

Scattered Nexus
Single box battle card game based on a growing roster of indie comics. players make their deck by picking stacks of 10 cards to make their deck, and then battle.

Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vvaCGz0W-Y

Pacific Rim Publishing

Biographical Notes: since April 1987

Pocket Gumshoe
The master criminal is going to pull off the Crime of the Century unless the detective can gather enough evidence.

Patrick Liddell

Biographical Notes: game designer and graphic designer/illustrator

Enlightenment Protocol
Using the newly discovered 'Einstein hat' shape, you collectively weave together the cosmos to spread peace, prosperity, and the arts.

Randy O Games

Biographical Notes: Independent game designer and self-publisher who released the fun dice golfing game 'Roll In One' in 2021, after a successful Kickstarter.

Gun It
In Gun It, a social programming game, players are a team of former employees on the run from a malevolent megacorp. Packed in a car during a vehicular shootout, players exchange equipment and plans.

Website: https://www.randyo.net/gunit.html

Sophia Weissman

Biographical Notes: I've always loved playing games of all kinds and created my first game (the one I'll be bringing) during a Game Jam event while in college. After finishing the game's mechanics and base content, my team and I playtested it with some friends and got overwhelmingly positive feedback. We knew we needed to do something more with it. We entered it in a Shark-Tank like competition, won second place, and refined its content and graphic design. We were originally going to self-publish it and worked on that for a while, but we've recently decided to pursue finding a publisher for it.

Improvise absurd answers to questions while acting in a given emotion. Each round, one player reveals a question card and an emotion card. Everyone else incorporates an idea from an answer card in the emotion.

Website: https://www.theunscriptedgame.com/

Stone Age Distractions

Biographical Notes: Chris Stone grew up in the 1970s playing typical family board games before discovering the excitement of 'making your own adventures' in old-school Dungeons & Dragons, which he played throughout his school years and into college. But he hadn't played any games at all for years before discovering Pandemic and getting into the hobby game scene around 2015. He has been designing his own games since 2017, including the cooperative adventure game, The Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss; Hissy Fit, a game of cooperative cat-wrangling; Arid, a 4X game about making water in the desert; and others. His game 'Snapdragon' is part of Bah! Humbug! and the 12 Games of Christmas by Small Furry Games (2023). Chris founded Stone Age Distractions in 2019.

A volcano fastened to the inside of the game box lid explodes dice and other resources onto the game map, made up of worker placement regions. Players expand their Wizard Towers and craft spells.

Toth Games

Biographical Notes: First time designer/publisher, excited to bring Legends of the Arena to crowdfunding in 2024.

Legends of the Arena
Intense team brawling for up to 6 players. Knock your opponents off the map to win! Powerful characters, huge combos, and a unique arena every game.

Website: https://tothgames.com/games/loa/