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Welcome to DunDraCon

Friday Noon in Sequoia for 1 hours
Presenter(s): Randy Angle and other members of the DunDraCon Committee
Type: Seminar

Come by and be greeted for coming to the Convention. Questions will be answered, some reminiscences about previous years at San Ramon and even earlier will be offered, and you'll get to know some of the faces behind the events of the Convention.

Starting a gaming business with Kickstarter

Saturday 10:00 AM in Sequoia for 1 hours
Presenter(s): Thomas Koch
Type: Seminar

Thomas Koch with Quests and Chaos expanded from a Tabletop gaming channel into a maker of third-party gaming accessories with the Deck of Inspiration. With the successful completion of the Kickstarter, we created and delivered hundreds of decks with more available for the retail market.

How To Get Started Writing

Saturday 11:00 AM in Sequoia for 1 hours
Presenter(s): Doc Cross
Type: Seminar

First off, this is not how to get a gig writing games. No, this is how to get into the habit of writing something every day. We'll talk about subject matter, blogs, best times of day to write, letting people read your stuff, and even going on Patreon to make a few bucks. I've written a ton of stuff over the past 32 years, from fanzines to pro writing to blogs to regular stuff for my Patrons. I'll do my best to give you ideas and answer your questions.
Website: /dociverse.wordpress.com/

Bugging Out, Hunkering Down, and Sheltering In Place - What's the Difference?

Saturday Noon in Sequoia for 1.5 hours
Presenter(s): Karl Reichhold and Karen Kelley
Type: Seminar

Now that we have experienced a global pandemic, what went right? What didn't? And what is the difference between sheltering in place and hunkering down? What do you do when you bug out? We will discuss the items to keep on hand for hunkering down AND sheltering in place. Why do you need these items for one, but not necessarily for the other. We will also talk about the difference types of bug-out bags. And, just how does this all relate to a D20 game? Free gift for the first 20 people.

City Building

Saturday 1:30 PM in Sequoia for 1.5 hours
Presenter(s): Michael Blum
Type: Seminar

The long-running seminar about the nuts and bolts of creating and using cities in RPGs. This year we'll have two sub-topics: central place theory, and the residences of wealthy/influential persons in a city.

D&D, WotC, and the OGL

Sunday 10am in Sequoia for 1 hours
Presenter(s): Randy Angle, Doc Cross, and other panelists
Type: Seminar

What does Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering, changing the Open Game License even mean to regular players or small publishers?

What does all the backlash and shenanigans mean?

Come listen to some Game Designers who care, talk about what all this means.

Bring your questions and opinions, but not your pitchforks.

Safety Tools and Session Zero for Tabletop RPGs

Sunday 12:30 PM in Sequoia for 1 hours
Presenter(s): T Dave Silva
Type: Seminar

: Over the last decade safety tools, such as lines and veils or the X Card, and Session 0, a pre-game discussion between everyone involved along with either a partial or character creation as a group, have become more prevalent gaming tables. In this seminar we'll discuss what that means, and how it can enhance your RPG experience. Topics include: Implementing lines and veils How to use the X Card How to set up a Session 0 Meaningful content warnings for convention games