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Meet the DDC Staff

Ariel Petersen LARPs Liaison, Games & Events Deputy

Ariel is that effervescent chick you may have seen bopping around the 'Con in any number of snazzy costumes, just because she can. She likes to make her LARPers happy, as LARPing was her first gaming love, having been recruited by a GM way back in 2005. She also enjoys board games and tabletop RPGs, but interestingly enough hardly ever plays them at her own convention. When she isn't LARP Liaising, she can often be seen opening games, running slips, helping with scheduling, and bringing you such exciting events as Dress-Up Day, the Art Contest, and the Pajama Party. If spotted at the 'Con, feel free to approach. She doesn't bite... much.

Becky Thomas Teen Room Coordinator

Becky has been working with Bay Area conventions supervising Young Players rooms since 1998. She joined DunDraCon in 2012 to start the Teen Rooms.

An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, she once vowed to become an author, and played her first RPG in Graduate school, 1983 - Traveller. As a student teacher, she sponsored the D&D club, and in 1988 took a stab a writing her own RPG. This quickly turned into a life avocation: teaching and mentoring youth using an RPG as a tool. Becky began The Roleplay Workshop in 1989, and has been running after school, weekend, school holiday and summer day camps and camping trips since then using her own RPG - Abantey.

Becky's favorite RPGs are Cyberpunk and Serenity, although she's been known to play anything if the GM rocks. Her pastimes: reading, martial arts, and she loves to go camping on the coast.

Bill Keyes Secretary, Program Book Editor

Bill has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. He has played miniatures, card games and board games since he was a child. He bought and played D&D when it first came out, played online games on the ARPANet, and has attended every DunDraCon convention. He has been a game tester for many games, both boxed games and online games.

Chad Martens Dealer's Room Coordinator

Chad Martens has been a gamer since he was introduced to AD&D in Jr. High School. He ran the Warhammer and 40K tournaments for 8 years at Dundracon, but has since passed on the torch since joining the Dundracon Committee. Now he co-ordinates the Dealer's room as its liaison. You can normally find him wandering around the Dealer's hall or running to help with any problems that pop up.

Dana Lombardy War College Coordinator

Dana Lombardy was an Associate Online Editor for Armchair General and now does research, writing and design through LombardyStudios.com Dana is best known for his multiple award-winning Streets of Stalingrad board wargame (three separate editions since first released in 1979), and for his nearly twenty television appearances, including multiple episodes of The History Channel’s “Tales of the Gun” series. He has contributed as an editor, cartographer, graphic artist and designer on many books, games and magazines, was Publisher of Napoleon Journal from 1996-2000 and published nine issues of World War One Illustrated.

Dorothy Heydt Convention Pre-Registration, Convention Registration

Dorothy Heydt is Hal's wife and has been doing odd jobs in Registration for about thirty years, beginning when she saw three little old ladies from Oakland Visitors and Convention Bureau trying to type badges on the fly and took one of their typewriters away from them and showed them how one types with ten fingers. She now supervises Pre-registered badge pickup, between the main Registration table and the chilly front door.

Ellen Robertson Sorcerer's Apprentice

Ellen Robertson attended her first DunDraCon (#8) in 1983, where she volunteered and was instantly swept away to work in Games Registration. It appears she liked this well enough, as she volunteered again the next year, and the next. and continued to work in Games Reg in one capacity or another through DDC 31 (2006).

From DDC 29 - 35 she also was in charge of convention publicity.

She took on the task of coordinating the volunteers for DDC 35, and quickly re-named the position "Volunteers Wrangler". Having begun her illustrious DDC career as a volunteer herself, she enjoyed spending the next seven years working with and getting to know the mostly unsung folks who help make the convention happen.

With DDC 42, she is stepping out of the Info Table limelight to assist with the DDC website.

Ellen has been married to Roderick Robertson almost as long as she has been working at DunDraCon, and pretty much blames her whole involvement with RPGs and DDC on him.

Gigi Henderson Signage

Hal Heydt Convention Registration

Hal is an old, used programmer who runs Con Reg with an iron hand in a velvet glove. His most celebrated words are "Please step into my office," which will be either terrifying or enlightening, depending on why you think you've gotten that request and how you interpret the grin that goes with it. He is also inordinately fond of puns. You have been warned.

Hector Torres Miniatures Liaison

Hector has been playing RPG games since the mid-1980's while serving in the Marines, love the RPG games. He has been coming to Dundracon since DDC31. Married with 4 children and a granddaughter.

Hilary Powers Hotel Liaison, Board Games Coordinator

Hilary first attended DDC 4 and has been involved in the convention one way or another ever since. At the con, she ran the martial arts demos for years, then moved over to the board games room. She's also the one to negotiate with the hotel over ways to make your experience at the Marriott even happier. See www.salfelt.com for what she finds most interesting between conventions...

June DeLane Special Events Coordinator, Member Services

June Delane attended her first DunDraCon in something like 1984 or '85; but definitely remembers the Dumfey, so those dates might be utterly wrong. After doing DDC for a few years with the Was-band, due to their friendship with the Robertsons, she took a hiatus until 2001. Visiting Roderick and Ellen that year, she developed a somewhat sick fascination for Game Reg, and in 2006, made it her own for 13 years before handing it off to her brilliant deputy at the end of the 2018 'Con. Now she is responsible for Special Events (all the strange and wonderful 'other' things that happen at Con) and Member Services, which is basically making sure everyone has the best experience possible, including the Blood Drives, promotions, and solving any issues that come up. DDC is apparently catching, because her daughter, Ariel, is now in charge of LARPs, and several of their friends have joined the party, as well.

When not seeing to the needs of the wondrous DunDraCon members, June can be found teaching High School, absorbing media, cooking, driving too fast, drinking tasty adult beverages (but not at the same time), and catering to the whims of several cats and a quantity of bettas. Now no longer so tied to the Con suite, she'll be wandering about the Con more frequently now, so feel free to say "hello"... or something more intriguing and original!

Kendra Lindemann Painting Events

Kendra Schynert Volunteers Wrangler

Kendra schedules and manages DunDraCon's stellar crew of volunteers. She likes cats, funny larps, macaroni and cheese, Rogue archetypes and the word "gingerly". During the con she can be found at the info table -- come say hi!

Mark Schynert Games & Events Scheduler

Mark has been DunDraCon's Scheduler since DunDraCon 32, but attended the convention for many years, first showing up at DunDraCon 4. He has run dozens of official games at the convention over the years, and has played in a lot more. Because life is just one big game, right? He does have an unreasonable amount of fun managing massive game scheduling spreadsheets with tens of thousands of cells.

In real life, he is retired from the practice of law, grows a fine crop of tomatoes every year, performs miracles in the kitchen (yes, he makes kale taste great), writes fiction that no one buys, and is third ranking minion (of three) of a small orange cat with strong opinions. Oh yeah, he'll also be in the Protospiel room a lot of the convention, pretending to work, but mostly playing....games!

Meg Creelman Martial Arts Demo Coordinator, Convention Registration backup

Meg Creelman started working DunDraCon as a pocket Gofer with her brother at the tender age of four. Originally running messages to workstations and crawling under tables to check power cables, she eventually moved above tables as a typist and de-facto head of Con Reg staff. After joining the committee, she moved on to running LARPs for a while and then took over the Martial Arts Demo track, wrangling boffers and full armor groups alike. She still works ConReg as staff wrangler and triage, slowly learning Hal's tricks of the trade so she doesn't have to resort to nailing his feet to the floor.

Meg is occasionally seen with her own pocket Gofer and her husband, who might wear a green shirt himself one day....

Niko Black Games Registration

Niko has been attending DundraCon since 2001. Started as a Volunteer in the Games Reg. help table, Dealers room door guard and anywhere else she was needed/wanted. Always willing to help with a smile.

Rachelle Boyd Publicity/Social Media

Randy Angle Protospiel Event Coordinator

With a lifelong love of games of every kind, Randy is a Game Designer, Creative Director and Imagineer with credits on over 100 video games, tabletop games and toys; including Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (GBA), Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (Xbox, PS2), Star Trek: TNG (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo), Zorro (Wii), Dragoons20 RPG (paper), Worlds RPG (paper), Rescue Heroes (toy), Deal or No Deal (toy), and many more. Playing tabletop RPGs since 1977 and attending DunDraCon since 1978, he regularly speaks on Humor, Rogues, GM Tips, and Game Design at the seminars and now helps run the Protospiel event helping recruit and wrangle designers, games and prizes for prototype game testing.

Rob Miles Bay Area Animation Society Liaison, Seminars IT

Roderick Robertson DunDracon President, Convention Chair, Internet Liaison (Netrep), Webmaster, "In Charge of That"

Roderick attended his first DDC at DDC4, and has gone to just about every one since. He ran Games Registration from DDC14-22, Games and Events scheduler from DDC19-31, Webmaster and Netrep from DDC25 on, and has been In Charge of "That" from DDC 19 on.

He is on the Event Team at GenCon, and scediled their LARPs from 2009-20015; and worked in the Minis area at Kublacon for 10 years.

Roderick has worked in the game industry since he wrote his first game book (Mythic Europe for Ars Magica) in 1990. Since then he has written, edited and/or laid out dozens of game books, for companies such as Chaosium, Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Issaries, Pelgrane, Nocturnal, Crucible Crush and Osprey. He is currently the "Tech" half of Pulp Action Library, a two-man miniatures rules company with offices in New York and California.

He lives in the Sierra foothills near Yosemite with his wife Ellen, their dog Orpheus, and cats Odysseus, Petrucchio, and Rosalinda, and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at.

Steve Perrin Seminars Coordinator

Steve was part of DunDraCon at the beginning, and somehow he is still around. His attempt to rationalize the D&D rules that he called the Perrin Conventions - despite the many contributions of his fellow Bay Area gamers because he was the one doing the typing - somehow found its way across the United States, probably because they were handed out at the first DunDraCon. From there he moved on to RuneQuest for the Chaosium, as well as several other games for that publisher and efforts for as diverse a crew as Hero Games (VOICE of Doom) and both TSR (Under Illefarn) and Wizards of the Coast (Plains of Dis). During all this time he continued contributing to DunDraCon, usually as an influential non-office-holding stockholder (extra credit for whoever recognizes that reference). Most of the time in later years he has managed the seminar program. Seminar presenters who want to impress their audience with their sagacity are encouraged to fill out the seminar form and get it in quickly.

Steve is currently undergoing a resurgence in game production. His latest efforts include contributing to "1879" for FASA, Writing an Icons-based WWII sourcebook called "Against the Axis", creating "Colonial Troopers", based on the concept: "What if Gygax and Arneson had been reading Starship Troopers instead of Lord of the Rings?", and is now working on the new edition of RuneQuest and the 3rd edition of the venerable Superhero 2044 game. In his spare time he writes comic book stories for Heroic Publishing and is getting his feet wet as a short story writer.

Tony Hughes Organized Play Coordinator