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Under My Skin

GM: Laurel Halbany
Type: LARP
System: Other
Players: 8
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Freeform
Costume Suggestions: Comfortable everyday modern clothing

Players work together to create a group of friends, some in committed relationships and some not, whose lives are changed by new love and attraction. We will develop the characters and their relationships to one another, then play out short scenes and flashbacks to fill in the details of their lives and what happens when they are drawn to someone new. Partners and new flames must choose whether they will honor their relationship lines, or cross them. Finally, the group of friends comes together one last time, now changed by their experiences.

This award-winning LARP by Emily Care Boss explores themes of loss, betrayal, openness, trust, and attraction through structured improvisational and collaborative scenes.
Website: www.blackgreengames.com/shop/under-my-skin-pdf

The Devil and Nikola Tesla OR Mortal Coil

GM Troupe: Chairborne Rangers
Type: LARP
System: TAROT
Players: 20
Variations: Diabolik
LARP Experience: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mature Themes
Genre: Science Fiction Infernal Horror
Costume Suggestions: Courtroom/Science/19th-early 20th century

By the crossroads, do or die,
And never another deal offered,
But to sign a contract with the lord of lies,
A priest or a nun surely scoffer,

Enter a man of science, with electric dreams,
And desperate need to fill coffers,
Who will gladly see fruition of his schemes,
And accept any dark proffer.

But the hour is nigh, the devil his due,
You can expect he'll accept no counter offer,
But answering the call, to legal defense,
Past victims of Lucifer hear shophar!

Will Nikola Tesla suffer infernal damnation,
Sentenced by judge reaper in gauffer?
Or will Mister Scratch be finally outmatched,
By lawyer, statute, and Sopher?

1943, Nikola Tesla lays dying in New York City. Satan approaches, ready to collect the promised soul of the inventor. With his dying breath, Tesla demands a fair trial. With a flash and a bang, Satan produces a kangaroo court!

The Morning Star will not be denied, but Tesla has a plan to beat the devil...