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Beautiful Harmony Multimedia

Biographical Notes: I've done various tabletop RPG products since the early 2000s both freelance and self-publish.

Origin Story
Characters start as normal folk and gain random powers and complications throughout the adventure.

Gathermeet Games

Biographical Notes: I'm an aspiring and unpublished tabletop game designer. I hope you like my game. Please help me improve it.

Weirworms: Nesting Season
A sandbox card game featuring behemoth worms. Weirworms plays like a miniature-game-plus-board-game mash up.

Ian Norris

Biographical Notes: Ian has been working on a cat-themed board game for two years, and hoping to continue refining on it for a planned Kickstarter next year! Also have connections to BackerKit, as someone who has worked there for two years.

Kitty Commitee
Please your cats and mess with other player's cats in a chaotic, strategical mess to gain the most affection from your kitties in Kitty Committee

Shandy Brown

Biographical Notes: Hobbyist game designer, 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns for board game accessories. boardcrafting.com

Genesis of Destiny Supreme!
A (mostly) co-operative dice-drafting game where your 3-piece band gigs its way from garage to super-stardom!

Dead Alive Games LLC

Biographical Notes: Dead Alive Games ran a successful Kickstarter to fund Omicron Protocol, an intra-apocalyptic squad-based miniatures game, in 2019. Formed in 2018 by Brendan Kendrick and Bernie Lin, they focus on making games that are story-based, inclusive, and fun to play.

Shadows Over San Lazaro
Shadows Over San Lazaro is an intra-apocalyptic co-op dungeon crawl game for 1-4 players, where you play a squad of heroes to uncover the mystery behind the crisis affecting the city!