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Night Owl Workshop

Biographical Notes: Designer of Dungeoneer, Murder of Crows, and numerous old-school style RPG's. Also, longtime pro artist in tabletop games.

Co-op fantasy board game. Play characters cleansing the lands of the Darklord's minions.

Erik Bernhardt, San Jenaro CoOp

Biographical Notes: Erik is a presenter for the San Jenaro CoOp, a game design CoOp dedicated to equitable pay, great games, and democratic decision-making. Come playtest our upcoming RPG, Brinkwood!

Brinkwood - A Forged in the Dark Game
Forged-in-the-Dark, Castlevania-esque 'Robin Hood vs. Vampires' RPG.

Toth Games

Biographical Notes: We're a team of first-time designers, excited to return to Dundracon!

Legends of the Arena
Legends of the Arena is a dueling game which combines dynamic tactics, simultaneous combat, and character leveling. Face-off against a friend or team up against another pair!

Crucial Game Co.

Biographical Notes:

Mystic Voyage
Collect resources and manage a fleet of pirate ships.

Shane Carr

Biographical Notes: Shane designs board games with an emphasis on simple rule sets but with sufficient depth for experienced gamers.

17 Cities
Race your friends to collect the most landmarks from across North America in this set collection card game inspired by the classical French game 7 Families.

Shadow Balance Games

Biographical Notes: Jarrett Ford is a game designer/project manager that holds a M.S. in Game Design and has been a project manager on AAA titles including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dead Space 3. He is also a lifelong player of board/card/video games alike. He loves to study the 'good, bad and ugly' of game mechanics to not only create a game that is fun and challenging, but easy to interpret by the user. ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark is Jarrett's first designed game which is launching on Kickstarter 2/11/2020 to raise money for mass-production.

ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark
ELEMANCERS: Light and Dark is a 2-6 player team-based fantasy area control game. Command magical elements of Light and Dark magic/creatures, avoid dragons, and resurrect primal gods! 2-3 hours.


Biographical Notes: Randy Angle, Grand Poobah of Hoppsbusch, is a veteran video game, tabletop RPG, and toy designer with over 100 games and toys in his credits including working on Star Trek, Top Gun, Lord of the Rings, LEGO, Dungeons & Dragons, SpongeBob SquarePants, PAC-MAN, Dig Dug, Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Terminator, Zorro, Rescue Heroes, Deal or No Deal, 1 vs 100, and dozens of original games.

Kaboomkin™ RPG
The Kaboomkin™ are fearless and prone to making their wacky inventions explode. They survive in a post-apocalypse world of cartoon fairy tale mayhem.

Poppy Jasper Games

Biographical Notes: Designer of Lost Woods and Gnomi

Raise your Phoenix, Battle for Gems, and make the best use of Time.

The Birchwood
Expand your settlement in the Birchwood and prosper.

Steve Schwartz-Burning Forge

Biographical Notes: Newer Designer looking to get my first game out on Kickstarter this year around late March, this will be my 2nd DunDracon. Local to the bay area and would love to have you playtest my games or learn more.I am also excited to help other designers with playtesting let me know if I can help you.

Slash and Spells
Slash and Spells is a competitive player vs player fantasy arena battle board game set in a shifting world, you are a unique Champion with personal motivations for battle.

Gopher the Jewels
Is a fast-paced game of memory, luck, and Set Collection featuring cute Gophers that are racing to dig up the most Jewels to be crowned the next Royal King or Queen of Gopherlandia.


Biographical Notes: The designer of the Crazier Eights games, and owner of Recoculous, the publishing company.

Crazier Eights: Elysium
A gateway fantasy card game with a Greek mythology theme for 2-4 players. The first player with zero cards in hand wins.

Jill Heller and Tim Callender

Biographical Notes: We are a husband and wife team of board game fanatics working on perfecting our first game.

Space Benders
Spacebenders is a fast moving game in which spaceship captains rearrange game tiles to their advantage in order to be the first ship to land on planet Terminus.

Jennifer Fosberry

Biographical Notes: I am a children's book author, new to game design. I am excited to connect and delight families in a fun and novel way.

Silly Snowmen
It's a winter wonderland. Roll for resources or attack other players. Race for the best spots to build the best snowmen.

Connor Wake

Biographical Notes: I've been designing board games for a bit under 2 years. My game, Umbra Via, was the winner of the 2019 Cardboard Edison Award and is currently signed with a publisher.

Wizard Tower Construction, Inc
You run a construction yard that is helping to build the new wizard tower in town. Compete against other players to contribute the most in this tile sliding, recipe fulfillment game.

Michael Dunsmore

Biographical Notes: I am a freelance game designer and developer. I am a co-designer of We Need To Talk by Smirk and Laughter Games and work with Brieger Development on making many games better including the recent KS Loot of Lima.

You are a carpet maker buying silk dyes and ingredients to complete carpet commissions in the Iranian markets of Tabriz.

Long May They Reign
A narrative game where you make yes and no decisions about ruling your kingdom. Keep your nation in balance to be the longest living regent.

Mousechief Co.

Biographical Notes: Keith Nemitz is a veteran of computer gaming industry and as independent. He has since labored in the tabletop realm.

Whack! Robin's Arena of the Bizarre
A wacky card battler interspersed with quick deck-building, or is it a deck-building game interspersed with quick battles? You decide!

Nightlife: Swing the Deal
Big business, high society soap opera. Build and influence networks of relationships, to pursue capitalistic or romantic goals.

Brian Roper

Biographical Notes: I have no game publishing background, and this is my first game concept that I've taken to external play-testing.

A competitive, two-player sci-fi LCG where each plays with two pre-constructed decks: a facility deck producing plausible (yet fantastic) research; and a maker deck, which uses that research to attack.

Shandy Brown

Biographical Notes: Shandy has run successful Kickstarter campaigns for board game accessories, and is now exploring game design itself.

Genesis of Destiny Supreme!
A board game about being a band of amateur musicians that make it big!

BARD Games

Biographical Notes: A middle school discovery of the original red box RPG in the 80's began my life long love of gaming. Now my company BARD Games will launch more projects and new games!

The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby
The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby is a dice based action point game where players race to conquer or save worlds. We will show you a stellar game which features rediscovered art from the fabled Josh Kirby.

Chris Stone, Stone Age Distractions

Biographical Notes: I'm a first-time game designer and long-time gaming enthusiast. I've been developing this game for several years, and this is my second official Protospiel event. Learn more at www.clockworkmaze.com.

The Clockwork Maze of Professor Blunderbuss
A cooperative steampunk zombie puzzle-adventure game. Play inventor/heroes who make steam-powered automatons to navigate an ever-changing maze!

Jesse Durney, Carlos Rocafort

Biographical Notes: Former Nord Games Sales & Marketing Coordinator along with hobby game designer & professional graphic designer and a FLGS owner husband and wife duo. We have a passion for designing games, playing games, selling games, and talking about games!

Strata is an abstract strategy game for two players. The goal of the game is to capture all of the opponents strongholds on the Strataboard.

Sea Beasts & Sailors
Captain a ship full of sailors equipped with harpoons hunting sea beasts as you brave the sea and weather the storms. Lead your crew to victory by capturing 6 beasts first.

Jason Green-Lowe, Independent Game Designer

Biographical Notes: With my creative partner, Eric Heitzman, I've been designing fast, deep strategy board games since 2011. Our friends enjoy them, and we hope you will too!

Tiny Battles of World War 2
WW2 broken up into 12 regional campaigns with minimal pieces, each of which plays in an hour. Try one out from your favorite part of the world!

Galactic Dawn
Colonize the galaxy with simultaneous turns, taking the planets your species needs through speed, force, or technology.

Meeple Airlines
Build your own airline company and get rich by delivering the most important passengers with the cheapest fuel!

Don and Adrian Gilstrap

Biographical Notes: Father/son team tinkering with game design.

Backyard Chickens
Backyard Chickens is an accessible deck builder about caring for and growing a flock of chickens in your backyard.

Jonny Pac Cantin

Biographical Notes: Freelance Game Designer/Developer; designer of Coloma, Sierra West, A Fistful of Meeples, Lions of Lydia, and co-designer of Merchants Cove and Excalibur.

An Arthurian themed Euro-game, centered around an I-Cut-You-Choose worker-selection mechanism.

Kenny Tracy

Biographical Notes: Avid playtester and design editor. Rookie designer

The Centauri Colonies
Deck building, Role selecting, tableau building game. Race to colonize the Alpha Centauri system

Headcrafted Games (Glenn Cotter)

Biographical Notes: Glenn Cotter has a life-long passion for games and movies, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career as an artist on videogames, then transitioned to work in the film industry. By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working on feature films, while designing board games at night. Glenn lives in Berkeley CA with his loving wife and 2 wonderful kids. Fickle (2019) is his first published game.

You are kids running up the wrong way on a down escalator. You'll need to dodge, shove, run, jump your way to stay on the longest.

Planet Prospectors (aka 'Space Poker')
Win contracts to mine newly discovered planets, or invest in others that are more qualified. Make your fortune on the new space frontier.

Basheer Ghouse

Biographical Notes: Hi! I'm a Muslim, Indian-American writer and game designer living in San Jose. I've published 5e Modules on DM's Guild, original games on itch.io, and completed freelance writing for companies like Kobold Press.

It Was Never Yours
Rules light game about robbing the British museum to return cultural artifacts to their rightful owners.

Polaris Games

Biographical Notes: We founded Polaris Games in 2018 and our first game, Trinity, is an abstract strategy game that successfully funded on Kickstarter and published in 2019. We learned quite a bit play testing it at Pacificon and Dundracon and can't wait to learn more when we test out our new game, Orbito!

A game of orbital mechanics! Weave your way through the orbits of different planets collecting resources to complete your contracts.

Whirtel Games

Biographical Notes: First time board game publisher that resides here in San Ramon, Ca. Have been developing games for almost 2 years. Looking to make Queens & Kings ..A Checkers Game debut at DundraCon.

Queens & Kings A Checkers Game
A Checkers/Chess - Like Abstract Strategy Game for 2 or 4 players.

Ian Norris

Biographical Notes: Ian is a long time gamer who works in crowdfunding on Backerkit. He thought, why not make a game about cats? Have been playtesting this for about a year.

Kitty Committee
Kitty Committee is about antics at CatCon 2020, where contestants are doing their best to show they truly have the best cats. But watch out--sabotage and backdoor deals are everywhere.

Bill Ward Independent Game Designer

Biographical Notes: I've been designing board and card games for about 5 years, and have several prototypes to test.

Spelling Bees
Bees don't travel in a straight line and neither do the words they spell in this meandering crossword game using letter tiles in geometric shapes.

Word Evolution
Can you behead or curtail a word to make another word? Or insert a state postal abbreviation? Make an anagram? Use these and other rules to score points and win.

Asteroid Miners
It's out-of-this-world fun as you collect as much ore as possible from the asteroid while undermining your opponents from doing the same!

Pipe Scramble
Enter the cut-throat world of plumbing installation! Be the player to supply water to the most houses while stopping your opponents from doing the same.

Mark Schynert

Biographical Notes: DunDraCon scheduler and founder of the DunDraCon Protospiel. I also edited the Complete Arduin RPG in the late 80s.

Progress and the Nation
Direct your bureaucrats to increase the abilities and size of your population, annex and exploit territory, and produce commodities, all to optimize your state.

Sharks & Orca
You play a shark looking for your favorite flavor of fish. Roll dice to see where they're schooling. And hope the Orca doesn't show up.

Dead Alive Games

Biographical Notes: Working on Kickstarting our first game, Omicron Protocol. Might or might not be successful on KS by Feb 2020, but it won't ship until early 2021 either way.

Omicron Protocol
Omicron Protocol: Shadows Over San Lazaro is an intra-apocalyptic coop dungeon crawl game for 1-4 players, where you play a squad of heroes to uncover the mystery behind the crisis affecting the city!