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DDC 48
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DDC 47

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Buy and Sell
Dealers at DunDraCon

Free Bazaar

Grand Ballroom, Salons A-C

Sellers' Set-up: 8:30 AM
Entrance of the Buyers: 9:00 AM

No admission charge for either sellers or buyers!

Merchandise rules: used games and related items, and original art. Sellers may have one table per person/couple/ravening horde. There will be Green Shirts and Convention Crew around to sort out any problems. Please listen to their instructions.

If you want to sell, be there at 8:30 to set up. We'll open the doors to buyers at 9:00, maybe a bit later. If crowds prove to be large, we will restrict the flow at the entrance to keep everyone (like fire marshals) happy. Your patience is appreciated. If crowding occurs, we may restrict entry until the crowding diminishes, and if at all possible, do not bring your backpack or other bulky personal storage into the room.

Sales will continue until 11:30, maybe a bit later if the joint is still hopping. Go get a nice lunch with the proceeds of your sales!