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California Ballroom Salons 5 & 6

Friday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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8Bit Bytes
Journals, plush, jewelry, mugs, steins
Email: Tamara.golia@gmail.com


Birds of ParaDice, LLC
Birds of ParaDice carries bird- and desert-themed dice for your rolling pleasure, to elevate your game and help it take flight! From the newest gamer in the nest to the highest-flying GM's, we have what you need for all of your TTRPG's! Birds of ParaDice, where birds of a feather roll together!
Email: Owner@birdsofparadice.com


Black Diamond Games
Black Diamond Games in Concord is a full range game store offering a range of new and liquidation board games at great prices.
Email: gray@blackdiamondgames.com

Bob Goolsby Designs
Handmade designed and crafted jewelry.
Email: bob.goolsby@gmail.com


CCB&E Clothiers
Custom clothing & embroidery for the stylish gamer.


All your Dice, figure cases & gaming matt needs.


Citrus Atelier
Maker of custom handcrafted fantasy wands, Critical Roll soap and magical oddities.
Email: Citrusatelier@gmail.com

Darkfire Treasure
Game books, T-Shirts, & Foam weapons for your LARPing needs.
Email: jacobdarkfire87@gmail.com


Dystopia Rising NorCal
Dystopia Rising is an immersive live-action role-playing game. It is similar in many ways to a weekend long airsoft event that showcases a variety of gaming aspects ranging from escape rooms to more traditional haunt experiences, set in a post-apocalyptic world. For one weekend a month, you can join a settlement alongside your fellow survivors to eat, sleep, roleplay, and have fun fighting as your character, using prop weaponry to defend yourself and establish a place in the zombie infested wastelands.
Email: marketing@dystopiarisingnocal.com


Flight & Fancy Co.
Wondrous Items & Wares. Handmade fantasy and gaming accessories.
Email: roxas.shepherd@gmail.com


Flying Hands Massage
Massage where you need it, when you need it most,Massage at your home, company or event. Proudly serving the Silicon Valley since 1991.
Email: Ray@flyinghandsmassage.com


Games of Berkeley
Games of Berkeley has been pretty darn swell since it opened in 1980, providing tabletop gaming products and experiences to the Bay Area ever since. Our tremendous stock of dice, board games, wargames, dice, RPGs, dice, TCGs, miniatures, dice, and also dice -- along with disc golf, novelty gifts, t-shirts, plush toys, and more -- ensures that Games of Berkeley has something for everyone.
Email: buyer@gamesofberkeley.com


Gamescape San Francisco
A Bay-area game store selling painting supplies and board games.


Good Luck Games
New & vintage board games of all kinds.
Email: goodluckgames@gmail.com


Goodman Games
Publishing the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG & adventures for 5th Edition Roleplaying, including Original Adventures Reincarnated featuring the Temple of Elemental Evil along with other classic TSR adventures and much, much more!
Email: jon@goodman-games.com


Griffin Stitches is a one-woman shop specializing in tabletop gaming accessories and geeky self-care. From dice trays and bags, to reusable flax seed hot/cold packs, everything is sewn with loving attention to detail and decades of experience. Not to mention delightfully nerdy fabrics! Custom orders are welcome to create the perfect item to keep your nest happy, healthy, and geeky!
Email: griffinstitches@gmail.com


Jinxyee is a SF Bay Area local company that offers a range of pop culture and anime themed enamel pins, stickers, and clothing. We also handcraft RPG themed candles & soaps.
Email: contact@jinxyeestudios.com


Mega Negi
Vinyl decals for cars, laptops, etc.

Megan's Mess
Handmade hats, buttons, & accessories.


Metal Weave Games
Metal Weave Games (MWG) is a leading developer and publisher of evocative and inspirational tabletop products. Founded in 2014 by Andreas Walters and incorporated in 2017, MWG has published a number of award-winning products and titles, focusing on various evocative and inspiring topics, from the adorable Baby Bestiary to the beautiful Hyper Light Drifter TTRPG, that all players can enjoy.
Email: andreas@metalweavegames.com


Mobius Worlds Publishing
Mobius Worlds Publishing is a Denver based TTRPG company with a vision of finding the heroic in the everyday. While we have products available in multiple systems and settings, our home system is Lakeside Games' Prowlers and Paragons UE. Our staff includes internationally recognized talent running the full spectrum of the field.
Email: jennifer@mobiusworldspublishing.com


Moonmajick Creations
Steam-punk props, reenactment clothing & dice bags.
Email: Moonmajickcreations@gmail.com


Night Owl Workshop
New old-school Roleplaying Games, Fantastic Books, Fantasy Art, and Tabletop Games. Makers of Warriors of the Red Planet, Guardians, Dungeoneer, and Murder of Crows.


Steampunk, Fantasy, Gothic, Sci-fi, & Just Plain Weird Jewelry, Accessories, and Scent Oils by Dava Ellinger, Kerin Schiesser, and Jon Linville. Stop by our Mix and Match Steampunk Goggle Station to mix lenses, bodies, and rims to make your own custom goggles! We have popular favorites and unique hand-painted colors including Holographic and Chameleon colors found nowhere else. Lens choices include: Light-Ups, Crystal Prisms, Full Color Printed, Etched Lenses, and Metal Filigree Inserts. Already have goggles? You can also buy our lenses and inserts a la carte
Email: ddrasteampunk@gmail.com

Old Squire Designs
Hand made gaming accessories and dice
Email: beau@oldsquire.com


Sandwich Bag Games
Sandwich Bag Games is an independent game design and publishing label based in Silicon Valley, CA, specializing in casual, thoughtful games featuring multiple artists from around the world. Check out our flagship game, Gosh Darn Bubbles, and our soon-to-be-published game, Swirling Heroes!
Email: sandwiches@sandwichbaggames.com


Serial Hobbyists LLC
Serial Hobbyists LLC, is a Rio Linda based veteran company. We make custom tabletop accessories specializing in laser cut and heat pressed items. Our materials include, T-Shirts, MDF, Acrylic, Leather and Foam. If you are looking for something that doesn't exist, we will work with you to make it. We will be doing custom MDF tokens on-site, as well as offering a variety of laser cut game accessories.
Email: contactus@serialhobbyists.com


Sunflower Dice
Sunflower dice is your one stop shop for handmade dice and TTRPG accessories. Featuring handmade resin dice and jewelry, as well as dice bags and other goodies, there is something special to be discovered for every player.
Email: andriaerin@gmail.com


The Ninth Stich
Dice bags & costume accessories
Dice bags, dice trays, cloaks, hats, reusable shopping bags, key chains and coasters.
Email: Theninthstich@gmail.com


Three Dog Quest
Representing Indie Press Revolution. Roleplaying games, Kickstarter Edition Games, game accessories.
Email: threedogquestllc@gmail.com

World of Game Design
Publisher of RPG books, supplements, terrain, dice towers, & dice.
Email: j@wogd.com