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DDC 48
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DDC 47

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Events Errata Sheet

The errata sheet lists all changes made to the schedule after the Program Book has gone to press.

This Errata is current as of Mar 3.

Cancelled Games

P20: Subterrainian Dreamstick GM: Matt Gorman

P56: The Night before D-Day GM: John Sulllins

P45: Villainous GM: Melinda Harvey

P83: Interdimensional Ketchup: a Battlestations Adventure GM: David Brubeck

101: William Wallace versus the Klingons! GM: Tom Vallejos

144: Villainous GM: Melinda Harvey

205: Will the real Captain Sean O'Donahue please stand up? GM: Whitney Lee Preston

207: The Kobolds Stole my Baby GM: Rob Paul

211: Dreams of the Conquistadors GM: Sam Wallis

262: Why Johnny Can't Speed GM: John Sullins

304: William Wallace versus the Klingons! GM: Tom Vallejos

321: The Keep on the Borderlands GM: Daniel Woolery

401: Where Legions Fear to Tread GM: Saul Morales

442: Elder Sign-Unseen Forces GM: Frank J. Alonso

643: Eldritch Horror-Cities in Ruin GM: Frank J. Alonso

709: Something Wild GM: Arthur Gonzalez Martin

Number Changes

655 New Number: 751 Battle for Ryan's world, again