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DunDraCon Game Policies

Content Standards DunDraCon defines all games according to a set of consistent guidelines as applied by the GM. DunDraCon does not review GM scripts and cannot guarantee that GMs will always conform to the standard they specify, though DunDraCon does expect this of all GMs. These standards speak to content in the same way that MPAA® movie ratings do, but we do not use the same labels or definitions. We hope these standards will be helpful to adults, children and the parents of children in selecting games players are most likely to enjoy.

Family: Family games will have no profanity, very little or no sexual innuendo, and violence will be limited. Such violence as there is will be brief, stylized, remote or cartoonish, and never graphic. There are no themes of an intense nature. The game may be simple, but if it is at all complex, the GM will be sure to ease play for children as needed.

Mainstream: Mainstream games may have moderate, limited use of profanity; limited non-explicit references to sexuality; and may contain violent elements. Graphic violence will be limited but may be present. There may be themes of intense nature, but they will not constitute the primary focus of the game. GMs are expected to use their judgment to adjust their game as they deem sensible if children are present, but children and parents are warned that there may be objectionable moments in games of this category. These games are usually moderately to very complex, and the GM may offer help to children as needed. This is the standard to which most role-playing games are written.

Mature Themes: These games may include profanity, references to sexuality, and may contain violent elements. Graphic violence will be limited but may be present. There will be themes of intense nature, which may dominate the game, and role-playing may be so intense that younger players will be confused by the lack of an apparent boundary between character and player. GMs are expected to use their judgment to adjust their game as they deem sensible if children are present, but parents and children are warned that there are likely to be objectionable moments in games in this category, and that children should be comfortable acting in an adult manner in the presence of adults. These games are usually moderately to very complex, and there may be no means to assist children in the play of the game. This is the standard to which many LARPs are written.

Very Complex: This category applies only to minis, board games and card games. Games in this category are likely too complex for children under the age of 12 to enjoy, and some older children may also experience difficulty with them. While the GM is expected to offer assistance as necessary, parents and children are advised that such games may be an unsatisfactory experience.

Prohibitions for all DunDraCon games Explicit sexual content and the use of epithets relating to race, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender, or physical or mental disability are prohibited. Excessive graphic violence, as might be depicted in a splatter-type horror novel or film, is also unacceptable.

GMs may not charge for any event. The only exception is that we allow GMs of Sealed Deck (and similar) tournaments to sell packs at cost, and must allow players to bring packs purchased elsewhere, as long as they are still sealed.

GMs are not allowed to require or suggest that any player have their sight or hearing substantially impaired (blindfolds, noise-cancelling headphones, etc.) as a part of a game. Opt-out or opt-in provisions for players do not make these practices acceptable. DunDraCon considers this a safety issue, and will not schedule games with such practices.

On the Other Hand... GMs are not responsible for the behavior of players in the game. They are not baby-sitters, and they are not to be held accountable for offensive behavior by any player. If a player is consistently breaking rules, playing in a manner that exceeds the game's stated Game Content level (Family, Mainstream, Mature Theme), engaging in what the GM considers excessive conduct of any sort, or is harassing any other player out-of-character, and does not stop the objectionable actions when asked, DunDraCon delegates to the GM the right to ask that player leave the game. GMs are expected to use this power only as a last resort. If the GM doesn't feel comfortable ejecting a player, please find a DDC staff member who will do so.

Anyone (GMs, prospective GMs, players, parents) with questions about how these policies are applied may contact the Games Coordinator before the convention, or any committee member during the convention, for assistance or clarification. In all cases, our primary intent is to facilitate a game-playing experience that is positive for all participants, especially GMs, and our decisions on applying policy will be made with that intent foremost.

In-Tow: If you've come to the convention with a nongaming spouse, parent, small child, or other person who is not interested in playing our official games, but just wants to look at the dealer's room and so on, they can get an "In-Tow" badge. Our Games Registration system will not accept this badge, but the badge will allow entrance into all the other convention areas. These are free. If your nonplaying spouse, parent, or small child decides they want to play some official games after all, come to the Registration Desk to upgrade it. More information on "In-Tow" privileges.