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New Crew System


In light of changes to California employment law we are overhauling how we staff DunDraCon, which means we are discontinuing the volunteer program. Don’t panic! While the volunteer system is dead, long live the new crew system!

Thank you for your patience while we navigated the choppy waters of employment law. We have selected the third party GigSmart to manage compensation and tracked hours. Below is an overview of how GigSmart works and the pertinent links.

Given that this is the first year of a new system we fully expect there to be some humbling moments along the way and we thank you in advance for your understanding. We will update this page on the new system as needed.

Your friendly Crew Captain,

Use GigSmart to Work on the DunDraCon Crew

You must sign-up for the GigSmart gig-work to be on the crew at DunDraCon.

On your computer:

GigSmart Website

On your phone:

Apple Store

Google Playstore

Once you've set up your account, email our Crew Coordinator to let us know you have signed up to be crew.
Use the same email account you used to signed-up on GigSmart so we can find you.

Work with the Crew Coordinator to schedule a 4 or more hour slot to work at the event.
They will set a payment rate and schedule your gig.

Each gig session is run via the GigSmart GetGigs app – it is how you get notified, check your schedule, and get paid.