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Welcome to DunDraCon

Friday Noon in Sequoia for 1 Hour
Presenter(s): Randy Angle
Type: Seminar

Come by and be greeted for coming to the Convention. Questions will be answered, some reminiscences about previous years at San Ramon and even earlier will be offered, and you’ll get to know some of the faces behind the events of the Convention.

How to Avoid an RPG Horror Story

Saturday 10:00 AM in Sequoia for 1.5 Hours
Presenter(s): Arthur Gonzalez-Martin
Type: Seminar

After reading way too much Reddit subs during the pandemic, your host has broken down some common themes and mistakes that make up a horrible RPG experience and how to avoid them in your games.

50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons

Saturday Noon in Sequoia for 1.5 Hours
Presenter(s): Randy Angle
Type: Seminar

2024 is the 50th anniversary of the original publication of D&D. A boatload of versions and hundreds of books and adventures since, it has created one of the most loved (and controversial) hobbies of all time. Watch the 'Secrets of Blackmoor' documentary that explains how Dave Arneson started it all.
Website: /www.secretsofblackmoor.com/

Crafting 1-Shot Scenario Descriptions to Attract More of the Right Players

Saturday 2:00 PM in Sequoia for 1 Hour
Presenter(s): Matt Steele
Type: Seminar

GMs: Veteran GM and professional writer Matt Steele shares his five-part framework for crafting scenario descriptions that attract more of the right Players to your game.

Podcasters Assemble!

Saturday 3:00 PM in Sequoia for 1 Hour
Presenter(s): Doc Cross, Saul Morales and others
Type: Seminar

Are you thinking of starting up a podcast? A group of veteran podcasters are here to answer questions and help you figure out how to get started. We'll talk about subject matter, equipment, hosting sites, and plenty of other topics. Join Doc Cross (https://www.patreon.com/DocCross and https://anchor.fm/doc-cross), Saul Morales (Gamingperspectives.com) and others!

What Does Real Life Bugging Out, Hunkering Down and Sheltering in Place Have in Common with D20?

Saturday 4:00 PM in Sequoia for 1.5 Hours
Presenter(s): Karl Reichhold and Karen Kelley
Type: Seminar

You know how things happening IRL, like a pandemic, and you want to include that in your game? Well, how do you do that? Join us to find out what went right, what didn't and how to be better prepared in game and out. Free gift for the first 20 people.

PlunderQuest™ Dungeon Grinder Game Show

Saturday 6:00 PM in Sequoia for 1 Hour
Presenter(s): Randy Angle
Type: Seminar

Play in this Total Party Kill event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. Roll the Giant Dice, Die a Horrible Death, Win Loot. Everybody who Dies wins a Prize. No Crying! Randy Angle is your Dungeon Master of Ceremonies for this silly Dungeon Crawl.
Website: /plunderquestrpg.com/

Game or Gamemaster? Game or Campaign?

Sunday 10:00 AM in Sequoia for 1.5 Hours
Presenter(s): Glenn S. Thain
Type: Seminar

Hey, want to run a game? Run a campaign? We'll talk about either, your choice. Been running both for 40+ years now, so come ask and learn.

From beginning to award-winning: The ZU Tiles story so far

Sunday Noon in Sequoia for 1 Hour
Presenter(s): Joshua Bakken
Type: Seminar

I created a game. People seemed to like it. Then I self-published it. This will be a 40 minute discussion about that experience (so far) plus a 20 minute Q&A.

City Building

Sunday 1:00 PM in Sequoia for 1.5 Hours
Presenter(s): Michael Blum and Doc Cross
Type: Seminar

The long-running seminar about the nuts and bolts of creating and using cities in RPGs. This year our two foci will be city defenses, and cities that move around.

What even is a game? A century of definitions

Sunday 3:00 PM in Sequoia for 1.5 Hours
Presenter(s): Randy O'Connor
Type: Seminar

In this seminar, you will make your own quick board game, and then we'll explore several definitions of the word 'game', dating back to the 1930s.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Context of Tabletop Gaming

Sunday 5:00 PM in Sequoia for 1 Hour
Presenter(s): Ronald Melencio
Type: Seminar

Take a look at the state of DEI in the context of Tabletop Gaming, the progress and changes from the past, and where we’re going as we look towards the future.