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102 Terror from the Frozen North Pt. 1: The Creature of Mount Khelegor

Friday 6 PM in 137 for 6 Hours
GM: Arthur Prospero
Type: RPG
System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Edition: Final
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Power Level: 3rd-4th
Variations: Vikings
Rules Knowledge: Useful
Game Content: Mature Themes

Oh ye men of the north. Thou rapists, thou slayers, thou thieves. Thy time of reckoning is upon thee. Behold! As the ice water doth pump through thy veins, so too there be colder things in the land of eternal ice! Beware oh furious Northmen! For a Fimbulwinter is at hand. Canst thou stand against the storm? Better ye join the heart of ice, as is thy destiny. Sink into the cold depths of thine evils, never to rise again... This game is the first in a Norse epic in three parts; Players may join at any stage in this series. In loving memory of Steven Eugene Wallis.