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204 Space Wizards with Laser Swords

Saturday 8 AM in 138 for 4 Hours
GM: Patrick Riley
Type: RPG
System: Wildcard RPG prototype
Edition: Playtest
Players: 5
Provided: Characters created for game
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

In a war torn galaxy, the rebel alliance fights a desperate battle against The Empire. A ragtag band of rebels (charismatic rogues, freedom fighters, imperial defectors, aether knights, sapient robots, displaced royals, & whatever the players want) are in a race against mercenaries, imperial troopers, and bounty hunters to track down a missing double-agent and the key stopping The Empire from unleashing a superweapon that will crush all current and future opposition to their rule. This is a playtest of The Wildcard Roleplaying System. It is specially designed for one-shot scenarios and is customizable to fit the particular genre and trappings of the adventure. The rules-lite core game mechanic is based on a standard deck of cards (one per player, provided). Character creation is quick and will be done at the start of the session.