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812 Elemental Warriors of Xhin

Monday 10 AM in 145 for 6 Hours
GM: Patrick Riley
Type: RPG
System: Wildcard RPG prototype
Edition: Play Test
Players: 5
Provided: Characters created for game
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream

In the war torn lands of Xhin, the highest martial arts incorporate manipulating the fundamental elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Shadow. The PCs can be monks traveling the world visiting ancient shrines and temples and seeking enlightenment through martial perfection, warriors who pit their abilities against the best in the world through formal tournaments and informal dustups, agents of a secret society which aims to bring the nations of the world together in peace, or perhaps Mercenaries who serve no master except the almighty coin. A village under threat by bandits has called upon them for aid. This is a playtest of The Wildcard Roleplaying System. It is specially designed for one-shot scenarios and is customizable to fit the particular genre and trappings of the adventure. The rules-lite core game mechanic is based on a standard deck of cards (one per player, provided). Character creation is quick and will be done at the start of the session.