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DDC 48
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DDC 47

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Morning Offerings

6:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Good Start Buffet $18.00

Milk (Soy, Almond, Whole and 2%)
Fresh Whole Fruits (Oranges, Apples & Bananas)
Hot Oatmeal & Condiments
Assorted Pastries, Muffins and Bagels
Cream Cheese, Butter and Jams

Full Buffet $24.00

Everything in the Good Start buffet, plus:
Fresh Scrambled Eggs
Pork Sausage Links & Patties
Breakfast Potatoes

(Vegan and Gluten-free Option Available Upon Request)

Coffee Corner

Located in the Main Lobby
6:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Caffeine 12 oz./ 16 oz.
Regular Coffee $3.25/$3.75
Decaf Coffee $3.25/$3.75
Espresso $3.25/--
Americano $3.75/--
Cafe Latte $4.75/$5.25
Cappuccino $4.75/$5.25
Caffè Mocha $5.00/$5.50
Caffè Misto $3.50/$4.00
Iced Coffee $4.75/$5.25
Extra Shot $1.50
Add Syrup $0.75
Snacks and Drinks
Sausage Egg & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich $8.00
Egg & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich $7.00
Bagel and Cream Cheese $4.00
Fruit Cup or Parfait $7.00
Muffin $3.50
Sliced Tea Bread $3.50
Pastry $3.00
Instant Oatmeal Cup $5.00
Bottle of Water or Juice $3.00
Soda $3.00

Additional food offerings available

A la Carte (Room Service)
Noon to Midnight menu