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LARP Submission Tips

For all those wishing to send LARP submissions, please be aware that we have very limited space and times for larger games.


LARPs are normally scheduled in a Salon or Suite. If you have special needs for room assignment, be sure to fill in the Additional Information for the Scheduler field in the form below.

Players and Game Length:

LARPs can be for any length of time, and any number of people, but if less than 8 players it should really be considered an RPG game.

GM Compensation:

Troupes will receive up to the number of full memberships and priority game registrations equivalent to one for every 32 player-hours scheduled, but not more than sufficient to cover all members of the troupe.

Things to be aware of when making your game request

Please read our Game Policies before submitting a game.

The first games start on Friday at noon. Don't ask for an earlier start time, it won't happen.

The last game ends on Monday at 4pm. Don't request a 10- or 12-hour game on Monday!

We accept submissions only via this website, or an e-mail with the necessary information attached or incorporated in the body of the e- mail. We no longer accept submissions via U.S. Mail, as we need a working e-mail address to communicate with all our prospective GMs.

Please do not submit a game that is part of an already existing chronicle as there will be people interested in playing who will not follow the plots already going on. We realize that a convention is a good meeting place for such adventures but we cannot allocate convention space and time for what is essentially a private game.

If you want audio-visual equipment, comfy chairs, etc., for your game, we need to know early in the process so we can set it up with the hotel. Note that the hotel will charge you for additional services. Do not leave requests for additional equipment until the last minute; we cannot fulfill requests brought up after we submit our requests to the hotel (typically a month before the convention).

The number of players in the game (roster size) is a parameter published in the program and on-line. Troupes/GMs must add players from the stand-by list (and if this is exhausted, any walk-up players) to fill a game to the published roster size, either to fill slots not filled by registration, or where registered players do not show up. Where there are more listed stand-bys or walk-ups than available slots, the troupe/GMs shall not add players over the published player limit.

All LARPs must be 'closed door'--that is, the game must take place entirely within the room assigned. Games that 'roam' throughout the convention space will not be scheduled.